Amazon Prime Day iPad deals live blog: iPad Pro, iPad Air and more for less


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Amazon US is the gift you keep giving now when it comes to iPad deals. It’s rare to see new, discounted products, so a $80 off a brand new 2022 iPad Air, now it’s only $519 (Opens in a new tab)is excellent.

These models were only released in March of this year, and you can’t get them for less than $599 directly from Apple. We were fortunate enough to have hands-on experience with this nifty little tablet, and we were really impressed. It is one of the The best iPads for drawing (Opens in a new tab)And we love the color palette that it comes with.

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It’s an entirely different story in the US, where Amazon has taken out huge sums of money from the entire iPad range. But tops all deals so far 2021 iPad 10.2 inch, now only $269 (Opens in a new tab)! Amazon often discounts this item, usually $329, and a great $30 savings is usually where the discount ends, so the retail giant to double that savings is an offer not to be missed.

This item has only dropped to $279 in the last month, but that takes an extra $10 of that to be the lowest price ever recorded on Amazon.

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Good morning everyone in the UK. It’s Keri. second. I’ve already had several cups of coffee this morning and am feeling a little anxious about the caffeine rush and all the bargains. (Sorry it was a long night).

Ok where are we? Amazon Prime Early Access has just gone on sale in the UK, and I won’t lie to you guys, it ended up abruptly in front of me when looking for iPad deals. Perplexity is an exaggeration. So far I haven’t seen anything different from yesterday, butI hope Amazon keeps the best deals for later today/tomorrow.

Since Amazon hasn’t come up with the merchandise (yet), I was wandering elsewhere and was able to find 2021, 10.2-inch iPad 9th generation for £275 on eBay (Opens in a new tab). The RRP for this device is £299 so it’s not a huge saving, but it’s cheaper you’ll find this popular model online in the UK right now.

iPhone 13 Pro

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We’ve had time to go through all the official member-only Prime Early Access deals on Apple products launched in the UK at midnight, no iPads, so the best Amazon iPad deals are still the ones we mentioned above, which are open to non-Prime members.

If you’re interested in Apple deals that are only available to Prime members, it’s basically iPhone 13 Pro – up to 7% off (Opens in a new tab)And the Apple Watch (Series 7 and SE), at least for now. The savings on the Apple Watch are similar to those we saw during Prime Day, with £40 off GPS configuration (Opens in a new tab). But Apple’s biggest savings right now is £375 off the 2020 27-inch iMac – now £1,624 (Opens in a new tab).

View iPad mini Prime

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Amazon Prime Early Access sale has officially started in the UK, and so far the best Amazon iPad sale deals aren’t just Prime deals – they’re open to everyone. Could you Save £34 on a 256GB configuration for the 2021 10.2-inch iPad – now £424.99 (Opens in a new tab)but perhaps the most tempting thing £40 off the 2021 iPad mini (Opens in a new tab).

We really like the iPad mini (pictured above) because it’s more powerful than the standard iPad, but also more compact, at 8.3 inches. This makes it a great choice for drawing and other creative work on the go. Amazon has £20 off the basic 64GB configuration (now £459). That doesn’t give you a lot of storage, but there’s a £40 off 256GB version, now £579.

Apple Watch 8

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If you’ve been hoping for Amazon deals on other Apple products in addition to the iPad, we’ve got some good news. Currently, Amazon owns $50 off the all-new Apple Watch Series 8 (Opens in a new tab). The deal is only available in a 45mm GPS configuration, but it’s worth finding given that the Series 8 was only released last month.

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Hopefully, this bodes well for more Apple deals, including Amazon’s iPad sale deals. Remember that you can find more savings like this on our main site sell apple amazon page.

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The new iPad Air 2022 was released in March of this year, which is a nice thing. With only a few months old, we weren’t expecting any discounts on such a new device. But Amazon USA backed down, He subtracted $50 on this year’s iPad Air, bringing the price down to $549 (Opens in a new tab) in a range of colors. You can’t get these devices for less than $599 directly from Apple, so this deal is worth watching. The question is, would you choose blue, pink, purple, space gray, or starlight?

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So, after searching the web all day long for the best iPad deals, we are now in a very good position to select the best deals. This is what was detailed earlier The 2021 10.2-inch iPad knocks out just $299 (Opens in a new tab) Still there. Saving $30 might seem like a little in the grand scheme of things, but at $329, this device actually offered amazing value for money, so the fact that it’s now down to under $300 is a total bargain.

The standard iPad, this one is just a small device, with 64GB storage and Wi-Fi, it’s great for families sharing and browsing the web, streaming videos, playing games and taking photos. Versatile fab at a really great price.

Current models of all Apple iPads.

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If you’re new to the iPad, it can be a little intimidating to know where to start. Our guide to various iPad generations It’ll help you tell your Air from your Pro and your 9th-generation mini – and most importantly, decide what’s right for you.

iPad generations: iPad Air models are arranged in a hole on a black background

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Offers on current year’s models are rare, but right now in the US, the iPad Air 2022 is available for $50 off, bringing the price down to $559 (Opens in a new tab). The Air is a great tablet, almost identical to the Pro — check out iPad Air 5 review.

iPad Pro Smart Folio

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Me again. I don’t know about you, but in my house (with three wild kids), a quality iPad case is a must. Not surprisingly, Apple’s iPad shells are the best you can get, but it’s also no surprise that they’re the most expensive. However, in the UK you can get a brand new Apple Smart Folio for the 5th generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro for as little as £90.

Available in two colors, you can Save £10 on the black version, now £89 (Opens in a new tab)or if you’re really brave, it’s also available with White for less – now only £84.22 (Opens in a new tab).

Do you need a case for a different model? Check out our guide to Best iPad caseswhich contains a range of designs across multiple devices.

A shot of a person sitting on an iPad Mini while using an Apple Pencil

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If you want a smaller, more convenient tablet to travel with, we’ve found the perfect deal for you! At $499, US buyers can currently snap up 64GB 2021 iPad Mini for just $399.99. (Opens in a new tab) That’s a huge savings at just under $100! This tablet measures just 8.3 inches but still packs a punch with Apple’s A15 Bionic chip. With a 20 percent discount, that’s the lowest price we’ve seen yet on an iPad Mini.

Freehand drawing on iPad 10.2 with Apple Pencil

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The UK has yet to see a deal equal to the US discount on the iPad Pro 12.9, but you can save £34 on the 2021 version of iPad 10.2 with wifi and 256GB storage, which drops to £424.99 from £459 (Opens in a new tab) . It’s not the lowest price we’ve ever seen (£419 earlier this year), but it’s still a great savings on a higher-powered iPad.

2021 iPad Pro price is currently low

2021 iPad Pro price is currently low (Image credit: Apple)

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Every afternoon – Happy Monday! It’s CB Kerry’s editor, here to bring you the best new iPad deals this afternoon. If you live in the US, I’m about to become your new best friend, with news worth $300 on a brand new iPad Pro.

This particular model is 2021, 12.9-inch iPad Pro with WIFi and 256GB storage, currently on sale for just $899 at Amazon (Opens in a new tab) This is the lowest price ever recorded for this device. Amazon’s list price is $1,199, but we’ve seen it cheaper until this year, but nowhere near that low.

You are. be. Hello.

Folks PS UK, I haven’t forgotten you – find iPad-related goodies on your way very soon!

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