“All the Light We Cannot See” is a riveting epic

“All the light we can’t see”

Fans of Anthony Doerr’s novel, which spent more than 200 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, should be thrilled by this four-part film adaptation, a throwback to the kind of World War II epics that Hollywood used to produce on a regular basis. . It’s the final days of the battle, but that won’t stop some Nazis from trying to track down a blind girl in Paris sending secret messages to the Allies through an underground radio program. It’s a poignant story full of heartbreak and heroism, with dramatic roles by Hugh Laurie, Mark Ruffalo, and newcomer Aria Mia Luperti. Netflix


Jesse Buckley continues to impress. In her latest role, she plays a schoolteacher who grows increasingly suspicious of a hardcore dating service in which computers determine whether you’re really in love. The chances of parodying Tinder and its competitors are faded by the dark clouds hovering above this lumbering drama, but Buckley still manages to capture your heart. Friday, Apple TV Plus

“This is England”

Kenneth Branagh is almost unrecognizable as Boris Johnson in the British government’s six-part indictment of the early months of the Covid pandemic. Limited series are most effective when they provide a seat at the table as politicians make one misjudgment after another. But director Michael Winterbottom (24 Hour Party People) and his team are also intent on documenting the woes of various victims across the country. It’s all too much. britbox

“John Kennedy: One Day in America”

This three-part documentary is aimed at younger generations who have limited knowledge of the events surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There is very little new insight and no acknowledgment of conspiracy theories. But even those old enough to remember the tragedy will be moved by the testimonies of Secret Service agents and reporters who were at the scene. 7 p.m. Sunday, National Geographic. It airs Mondays on Hulu and Disney Plus

‘The Simpsons’

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The long-running animated series is never shy about testing boundaries, but it always goes the extra mile when it comes to the annual “Treehouse of Horror” episode. This year is no exception. The most memorable vignette involves Homer spreading a virus that turns everyone into copies. Kelsey Grammer, Jimmy Fallon, and Kylie Jenner join in on the antics. 7pm Sunday, Fox

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