Alejandro Mayorgas impeachment in the Senate

10:29 am ET, April 17, 2024

Key senators to watch today

From CNN's Claire Foran, Ted Barrett, Annie Grayer and Morgan Rimmer

Sen. Bob Casey speaks during an event March 14 at the AFSCME Council 13 offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Mark Levy/AP/File

If the Senate A referendum is held to dismiss the caseIt may not break strictly along party lines, as some Republicans have signaled they might be willing to do so — especially if there is time for debate before a vote.

Democrats up for re-election in tight races face pressure whether they decide to drop or present their ballots and articles. Sen. Bob Casey, a weak Democrat from Pennsylvania who is up for re-election, told CNN's Manu Raju that he would vote for impeachment, calling it a “partisan move.”

Asked if he thought there should be a Senate hearing, Casey replied, “I don't. I think we should move forward on a bilateral border security agreement.

“You've got to hire Border Patrol agents, you've got to hire more people at ICE to enforce border security. You can't do that with an exercise like they're involved in. It's a partisan exercise, and I think it's a waste of people's time, but we've got to get past it,” he said. He added.

Sen. Joan Tester, Democrat of Montana, who is up for re-election, did not say whether she planned to support the repeal motion when asked by CNN on Tuesday before the articles were sent to the Senate. “I'm going to read the articles this morning, I haven't yet,” he said, “I have more articles to read.”

Senate President Pro Tempore Patty Murray, a Democrat from Washington, will oversee the proceedings.

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