After the Supreme Court’s decision to abort, BlackRock and other asset managers said they would pay for travel

Fidelity Investments employee health care plans cover abortion services, and the company has expanded coverage for travel expenses for medical procedures, including abortions, that are not available within 50 miles of a Fidelity employee’s home, Fidelity spokesperson Michael Aalto said. E-mail.

Previously, Mr. Aalto said, Fidelity’s health care plans only covered travel and accommodation costs for some procedures, such as transplants.

“Fidelity benefits are designed to support the whole life and well-being of our partners. We offer generous benefit packages that provide care in and out of the country,” said Mr. Aalto.

Fidelity managed $4.3 trillion with appreciation and $11.3 trillion in assets under advisory as of March 31.

BlackRock Inc. has not commented. , the world’s largest manager with $9.6 trillion in assets, has publicly announced the Supreme Court ruling. But on July 27, it sent a memo to employees saying it would cover travel expenses for abortion care, Yahoo Finance reported. Money manager rejected requests before P&I to comment.

“Through company-sponsored health insurance, we have long provided reproductive health care services, including contraceptive coverage,” Manish Mehta, BlackRock’s global head of human resources, wrote in an email to employees, according to Yahoo. abortion or abortion care.” .

It is unclear how employees will interact with companies about travel benefits and how their privacy will be protected from countries seeking information about their health care.

There are a number of asset managers P&I Reached out regarding coverage of travel costs related to abortion care and did not respond. These managers may be in discussions with insurance providers to change the benefits they offer. Others, such as BlackRock, may reassure employees that they will cover travel expenses internally, not publicly.

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