After Christian Javier handed the bullpen a no-hitter in the World Series vs. Astros 3 outs from Phillies

If not Citizens Bank Park Bryce HarborThe house before, it certainly is now. The Philadelphia Phillies‘ Accepted owner’s face followed his streak-clinching homer in the NLCS with Homer sets a tone vs Houston AstrosLance McCullers Jr. in Game 3 of the World Series takes his first swing in the first game of the series in Philadelphia. Next, he imparted some wisdom to the third baseman Alec Baum – who was also Homert – and had the way. The two-time MVP is now batting .382/.414/.818 in the playoffs and the Phillies are two wins from a championship.

That’s the goal, but a more specific goal is now on the radar: try to put the streak away without returning to Houston. To do that, they first need to win Game 4 on Wednesday night.

Go-Ace Aaron Nola The Phillies get the ball when the Astros start Christian Javier, who was their third-best starter all season and one of the best strikeout pitchers in baseball. Nola allowed five runs in 4 1/3 innings in Game 1 as the Phillies started to hit again. The Phillies and manager Rob Thompson used the extra day Monday’s rain postponement allowed them to get Nola in Game 4 instead of Game 5.

Javier, meanwhile, was unused after a breakout season. He was shutout twice in the postseason, his one start proving to be a great one: he tossed 5 1/3 shutout innings. YankeesAllows only one hit.

The game begins at 8pm ET on FOX. You can follow the action right here via Yahoo Sports.

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