After beating Oklahoma 10-3 in the opening match of the final, Ole Miss won the first Men’s College World Series title.

OMAHA, Neb. – Ole Miss, one of the last four teams invited to the NCAA Baseball Tournament, is now only one winner from the last team.

Mississippi defeated Oklahoma 10-3 The top three men in the first match of the final of the College World Series, won by an impossible hand: Relief Pitcher Jack Duckerti. Sophomore was forced out of Collierville, Tennessee as a starter, as the team’s 1-2 aces were used in the Mississippi parade for this championship series. Wright responded with the longest outing of the season: five innings of perfect baseball with a 4-1 lead from sixth and bases loaded without outs. He was relieved by Mason Nichols, a new right-handed batsman who surrendered to Duckhardy, conceding just one run, dismissing five of the seven batsmen he faced in two innings of work.

A trio of Ole Miss Pitchers – Tuckerdy, Nichols and Sophomore Josh Mallitz – enjoyed an established mattress early on as their scoring team scored two runs in the first run and added one run each in the second and third innings. The last of them is fifth-year senior and budding Oxford, Mississippi, folk hero Tim Elko, who blasted the 24th Homer of the Season, the highlight of 4 to 5 nights on the plate, which is the top four. Win for any MCWS battery since 2009.

Teammates TJ McCants, Calvin Harris and Justin Bench became the first team after LSU in 1998 – the score was 8-2 – with the 8th team back-to-back Homers leading the way. Basically done.

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With the Suners MCWS out of the starting game against Texas A&M on June 17, Oklahoma wasted an opportunity like a major paper mismatch. Miss No. 2 starter Hunter Elliott and will get her perfect post-season record at Mount on Sunday afternoon, with a chance to win the title with five days off. If a Game 3 is needed on Monday, after a full-game shutout on Thursday afternoon, the Rebels could get Ace Dylan Delocia at least for some jobs, pushing Ole Miss into the finals.

The University of Mississippi not only won its first MCWS title, but also the school’s second NCAA-recognized National Championship in any team sport. The women’s golf team won the university’s first degree just over a year ago. The school claimed three national titles in football from 1958 to 1960, but none of them were honored by the Associated Press or Coach Polls.

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