AfD leader Shrubala was taken to hospital after a “violent accident” – DW – 04/10/2023

The extreme right Alternative for Germany (AFD) The party’s co-leader said Tino Shrubala He was injured in a “violent accident” during an election rally on Wednesday in the southern German state of Bavaria.

National office of the Alternative for Germany party He said Shrubala was taken to hospital in the city of Ingolstadt, where he was attending a campaign rally before the election. Bavaria state elections are on Sunday.

Representatives of the Alternative for Germany party did not provide details about the incident.

A brief police statement on Wednesday evening said Shrubala should have received medical treatment backstage at around 4:30pm (1430 UTC) and was then taken to hospital, but “obvious injury was not apparent at the time”.

A witness told a local newspaper Donaukorir The AfD leader took some selfies and then collapsed before being taken to hospital.

A local representative of the Alternative for Germany party told the German news agency DPA that Shrubala was scheduled to speak at the event, but was caught in the middle of an altercation in a crowd of people.

Later on Wednesday, Andreas Eichel, spokesman for the Upper Bavaria state police department, said it was still unclear whether the politician had been attacked, fallen or was simply unwell.

Eichel said that the authorities are not ruling anything out and that the investigation is ongoing.

Shrubala (48 years old) drove. Anti-immigrant party For four years.

Tuesday – German Unity Day – Co-Chairman, Alice Weidel, Public speaking participation has been cancelled With a spokesperson citing specific “security issues” as the reason.

Tens of thousands take part in an anti-AfD march in Munich

Tens of thousands of people took part in a demonstration in Munich opposing the AfD party.

Police estimated that about 35,000 people attended the event in Bavaria’s capital.

Charlotte Knobloch, a Holocaust survivor and former head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, warned the crowd of the growing strength of the AfD, which has risen in opinion polls across Germany over the past year.

“If, according to opinion polls, every seven voters in Bavaria want to vote for a far-right party on Sunday, then this is no longer just a misstep in the political establishment,” Knobloch said. “It should be clear to everyone: What begins to slide today could bury our democracy under itself tomorrow.”

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