AEW removes MJF from its roster page

MJF has officially been removed from All Elite Wrestling's promotion List page. This move comes after AEW the end of the world Pay-per-view, where MJF lost the World Championship to Samoa Joe.

MJF has been removed from the AEW roster page for the start of 2024.

Prior to the event, there were questions about MJF's future with the company. In November, rumors suggested that the 27-year-old star had “quietly re-signed” with the company, leading to “zero talks” between MJF and WWE. Weeks later, Cody Rhodes, a friend and mentor of MJF, raised some eyebrows when he said, “I think one day you'll see MJF in WWE.”

However, when MJF appeared as a guest on Jimmy Trina Sports Illustrated Podcast MediaHe said:

I've been saying the same thing. I never lied. January 1, 2024.

“When things like this get leaked, it makes me laugh because I remember something that was leaked about Cody [Rhodes] After he secretly re-signed and then appeared (in WWE). Something was leaked, you know, about CM Punk and Tony Khan or you know… I think fans leak things that they want to be true. I love AEW, and I want to stay in AEW. After this pay per view (the end of the world)“It is time to evaluate the situation in a professional environment.”

For most of his time in All Elite Wrestling, MJF was a vicious and cruel character who once verbally lashed out at his boss, Tony Khan, dynamite He demanded his dismissal. As world champion in 2023, MJF became a babyface who embraced his role as the face of the promotion. Recently, he wrote article to Player platform Defending AEW against critics who want to see the company fail. While he welcomed criticism of the brand and admitted he was self-critical, MJF expressed his appreciation for having a second major wrestling promotion, writing:

“Competition = bad for management, good for business. There used to be one major American wrestling company, and now there's two. This is important. It's important for the wrestlers who work here, since we all have jobs that didn't exist five years ago. But it's also important for the wrestlers who don't They work here. For everyone in WWE, AEW means not having to work in monopolistic conditions. That means more options, which means more leverage, which means more money. (And I'm going to take a wild guess and say better treatment.) And for the wrestlers outside These two companies, AEW is important not just because it exists, but because of how it exists. Listen… If you Google me, I think I'm 5'11″ – but we all know that's preposterous. I'm like 5'8″, guys. And this is where, simply put, a 5'8” Jew can be a world champion. If you know the history of wrestling, you know that's a big deal and why.

After his defeat in the end of the worldMJF was betrayed by his friend Adam Cole, who revealed himself to be the mysterious demon of AEW. Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, and Wardlow joined Cole and proceeded to assault the former champion to end the show. While the knockout that followed the match seemed to set the stage for a future showdown between Cole and MJF, it's possible that AEW has written off one of its most popular characters while exploring other options he's written about.

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For most of 2022 and into early 2023, MJF publicly bragged about what he called a “2024 bidding war,” suggesting there would be a fierce battle then for his services between AEW and WWE.

It's now 2024, and if MJF's contract with AEW expires, the crazy negotiations to sign with wrestling's biggest free agent may just be beginning.

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