Adele warns fans, “I will kill you” if you throw things at me during a Vegas show


Fans beware…

“I will kill you king” if you throw crap at me!!!

Adele She has enjoyed everything from cell phones to ashes being thrown on stage at singers during their concerts, and has even threatened her fans with death if they follow suit!!!

Looks like the famous singer has a new schtick…. He stopped the concert to talk about things that appear in popular culture. The latest… a series of accidents that actually caused the injury.

Adele was in the middle of her Vegas residency at Caesar’s when she dared to throw any item in her direction.

Panicked, she said, “Throw it on stage, have you seen them? I dare you King. I dare you to throw something in my face. I’m going to kill you!”

Turnabout, however, seems to be fair play in Adele’s world, as she fires her shirt cannon into the crowd.

As you know, Bebe Rexha He recently got really hurt when he was a fan Cell phone installation In the face a slap landed across her face, severing an area above her eye. I was forced to stop the show.

Twitter / @crossbernaud

And someone strangely threw a bag of it My mother’s ashes On stage during a pink prom.

Twitter / @jomas__

Adele clearly has the trend, though, and the singers have cheered each other on by taking selfies with cell phones thrown on stage.

A good fad to stop dying in its tracks.

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