Adam Schifter apologizes for “insensitive” Twain Hoskins tweet

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Earlier today, we Addressed the controversy Emerged from the reaction to the passing Twain Hoskins. This item is particularly focused on, including Sheffer’s habit of not apologizing to Adam Schifter for misleading (and deleting) tweets and not insulting the Twitter page that closes 10 million followers with anything negative, including his various misdeeds.

On Monday afternoon, Schifter finally did what he had to do on Saturday. Posted an apology on Twitter. But there seemed to be a strategic element in it. Instead of apologizing on Twitter – which he could have done at any time on Saturday or Sunday – Schifter used the opportunity to push traffic to his podcast, where the three-minute and 33-second clip has garnered 944,000 according to the post. Views.

It was insensitive, “Said Schifter.” That was a mistake. And I assure you that is not my intention. I would like to retrieve that tweet. Twain should have focused on who he was as a person, husband, friend and more. I want to apologize to Dwayne’s family, his friends, and the players in the National Football League, and I want to express my condolences to everyone close to Dwayne.

Schifter did not say why it took two days to apologize. Also, the words quoted above were not tweeted by Schaefer. All that appears on his Twitter page is a link to the podcast clip “Apologies and Tribute to Twain Haskin”.

This reinforces the reality that he behaves very lightly when it comes to what he will put on his Twitter page. He may have just posted what he said in the tweets. Why not do it? Why push people to click a clip from his podcast?

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Again, we all make mistakes. It is very instructive how we fix them. Schifter seems to have completely defended his Twitter page without apologizing. In this particular case, he used his Twitter feed to generate traffic for podcasts that were not as powerful as his Twitter profile.

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