Academy Award Winner Quits Plans for Academy Over Telecast (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter

Tom Fleishmanan Academy Award-winning re-recording mixer best known for his decades-long collaborations Martin Scorseseresigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences over his controversial plan to not present eight categories live during the broadcast of the 94th Academy Awards, The Hollywood Reporter Learn.

A move met a storm CashThe Academy plans to present it Oscars In Documentary Short, Film Editing, Makeup/Hairdressing, Original Score, Production Design, Short Animation, Short Live Action, Fleischmann’s Special Discipline, and Sound, inside the Dolby Theater in the hour before the start of broadcast on March 27, recorded and edited on broadcast subsequent direct.

Fleischman, a great statesman in the audio community, won an Oscar for Scorsese Hugo He was also nominated for Jonathan Deem Silence of the Lambs, Warren Beatty reds and Scorsese the pilot And the New York gangs. A long list of his credits with Scorsese include good comradesAnd the Irish Best Picture Winner the late. He first worked with Scorsese and editor Thelma Schoonmaker and made temporary dubs Raging Bull.

Fleischman also has a long-standing working relationship with Spike Lee, having had mixed films including Do the right thing, I don’t like the blues, Malcolm X And the BlacKKKlansman.

The son of legendary film editor Diddy Allen and documentary filmmaker Stephen Fleischman, he has also worked with directors such as Ron Howard (Cinderella manand Oliver StoneNatural killers) and documentaries including Academy Award-winning free solo A Fleischmann spokesperson confirmed this THR He quit.

The Academy has come under pressure from ABC to make a more entertaining show, but many individuals, unions and societies Urging the Academy to reconsider its approach. Among them, President of the Motion Picture Editors Guild (IATSE Local 700), Alan Heim said, “We understand the Academy’s desire to offer a more engaging presentation… [but] The Academy Awards should be a night to celebrate all the work and art that come together to bring stories to life on screen, and we believe deserving craftsmen have earned their time in the spotlight even more.”

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Lanza, Chief Sound Editor at Motion Pictures, said: “The Academy’s mission is to honor the craft of filmmaking in all its parts. Excluding certain categories from live broadcasts weakens this mission.”

While accepting the Hollywood Critics Association Film Achievement Award on February 28, Guillermo del Toro urged others In the industry to speak out against the move. Earlier this week, the Academy Explained further Her decision, which confirms all the Academy Awards, will be presented inside the Dolby Theatre.

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