Aaron Rodgers’ treatment of receptors is driving me crazy

Sean Payton expects better than Aaron Rodgers.

Payton, a former long-time Saints head coach who now serves as an analyst for the NFL Fox, has expressed his displeasure with Rodgers’ body language and comments during and after the Packers’ first week loss to the Vikings.

This is driving me crazy, Payton He said on “NFL Rhodes Show”. “This drives me crazy.”

Rodgers has She specifically criticized the youth group receiving the teamwho lost Davante Adams when the Packers traded him for the Raiders in this off-season blockbuster. During the pre-seasonRodgers said, “The guys, especially the younger ones, we have to be more consistent. A lot of drops, a lot of bad track decisions, going the wrong way. We have to get better in this area.”

That feeling has now carried over into the regular season, which saw debutant Christian Watson receiving an easy, wide-open touchdown likely to hit 75 yards early in the loss.

“There will be growing pains,” Rodgers said after the match. “This is real football, it’s important. It’s different, there are nerves. … We have to do these plays.”

Sean Payton, Aaron Rodgers
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Those comments misdirected Payton, who would have preferred Rodgers to take responsibility rather than blame the juniors and young players.

“After the game, we go to the interview in the locker room and the first question Aaron was asked was about the bounce back and he referred to the first play in the game, the pass that was dropped from a starter,” Payton said. And I thought, ‘Come on.’ “I like Aaron Rodgers, but I didn’t like what I saw.”

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