Aaron Rodgers’ season ended with another beautiful choke job

Aaron Rodgers Considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He may also go down as one of the biggest chokers. Since winning the Super Bowl in 2010, Rodgers has led the Green Bay Packers to the playoffs nine times. Neither of those seasons reached the Super Bowl. If that wasn’t enough, Rodgers’ play has looked pedestrian in recent years. He was inactive last January against the 49ers at home. He’s been good this season, but he’s been a long way from stardom for years. Things finally came to a head on Sunday night in Week 18.

Everything was in front of him. The Packers had home field advantage. Detroit was eliminated from the playoffs. All Rodgers needs to do is win the game and he’ll be back in contention. Once again, he looked absolutely shaky when it mattered. He passed for 200 yards, scored 16 points, and threw a backhander with 3:37 left in the game.

Detroit then made some ridiculous plays, including a punt catch and a hook-and-ladder to drain the clock and put the game away. Rodgers didn’t get another chance. That interception may be the last image Packers fans have of him.

Aaron Rodgers could be done.

It’s hard to imagine how long he’s been around. Nevertheless, the warning signs of retirement have felt closer since last year. His performance is slowly disappearing. While he’s a good quarterback, his ability to carry the Packers isn’t what it used to be. Although he recently signed a contract extension, it’s hard to think he’ll be willing to hang it up. The team’s window for another Super Bowl isn’t widening. If anything I feel they missed it. The 2020 season should be their time. That NFC Championship loss to Tampa Bay should still haunt them.

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With his Hall of Fame jacket secured, Aaron Rodgers wonders what his ultimate legacy will be. For all his brilliance in the regular season, fans and pundits may soon remember him for his shortcomings in big games. Imagine if he didn’t win that ring in 2010. He can be mentioned in the same breath as Don Marino. Both are very relevant as they are very common. Once-in-a-generation talents with insane precision and complex personalities made them questionable leaders.

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