Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson change QB market: Here’s what two major moves mean for teams still looking

Tom Brady And the Aaron Rodgers They are the greatest midfielders in the history of the league. Both would become two of the greatest players of this era. Both would also go down in history as pioneers, but for different reasons.

Two years ago, Brady signed a two-year, $50 million deal with pirateThe then-six-time Super Bowl champion was giving an annual salary of $25 million. Brady, who earned no more than $30 million for a single season, added to his already unprecedented episode total by helping lead the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory during his first year in Tampa. Brady cemented his legacy as the NFL’s greatest winner.

A year later, Rodgers charted his own, albeit different legacy as the first $50 million player in the NFL (Rodgers later tweeted that Reported terms are inaccurate). While it is not even half years Patrick MahomesThe ‘Huge Deal, Rodgers’ contract has not only been beefed up but has also raised the bar when it comes to the earning power of top-tier midfielders. Now, $40 million is the bare minimum when it comes to the annual salary of an elite quarterback; $50 million is the new cap. This is good news for Cincinnati Joe Boroughwho is currently in the middle of his contract with the debutante, a contract that will likely be scrapped outside next season.

What does Rodgers’ deal with Green Bay mean for the current mid-market? This means that the file PackersThe Super Bowl window remains open. The Bronco They also opened their own tournament window by making a business deal with Seattle that would bring in Russell Wilson to Denver.

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Who is still searching?

Teams still looking to make promotions in their quarterback include SteelersAnd the SeahawksAnd the hawksleaders, titans And the saints. Seattle, which is reported to have happened Drew Lock In Wilson’s trade, he’s also now in a prime position to pick a first-round quarterback, reportedly earning a 2022 first-round pick from Denver in a Russell deal.

New Orleans, Tennessee and Pittsburgh could be more patient, as they currently have placeholders Tsum HillAnd the Ryan Taneyhill And the Mason Rudolph. With that in mind, don’t be surprised if the brokers market isn’t hot until after the draft, when teams have a better idea of ​​what a quarterback might look like. This could lead to a very strong second wave of free agency during an off-season period which is usually nothing else.

These teams will have several options in the free agency, starting with James WinstonAnd the Teddy BridgewaterAnd the Mitchell Trubesky And the Marcus Mariota. They can also continue to trade with Green Bay in exchange for Jordan’s lovewhose upside includes sharing a quarterback room with the best player in the ruling league every year for the past two years.

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