A woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann receives the results of a DNA test

A Polish woman became an internet sensation when she claimed to be Madeleine McCann – even though her parents called her claims “lies and manipulation”.

Julia Wendell, 21, appeared on US talk show Dr. Phil, where she says she began to suspect she was Madeleine last June – but has not provided any evidence.

Wendell’s parents said she fabricated the allegations and that she was clearly not the missing British girl.

Julia Wendell, 21, appeared on the US program Dr. Phil where she said she began to suspect she was the missing British girl in June last year, without providing any evidence to support her claims.
Madeline, who was then 3 (pictured) disappeared during a family vacation in Praia da Luz in Portugal in 2007, which makes her now about 19 years old, two years younger than Wendell β€” yet another reason to dismiss her unsupported claims. DNA results have now confirmed that Wendell is not Madeline

Now the results of a DNA test show that she is not Madeline.

Instead, DNA results found she was actually from Poland β€” as her parents insisted β€” with some Lithuanian and Romanian heritage, according to reports. Radar Online.

“She’s 100 percent from Poland,” said Dr. Via Johansson, a private investigator and psychic who has been assisting Wendell.

“It is a small percentage of Lithuanians and Russians, but the test results show that she is Polish,” added Dr. Johansson, who transferred the Polish woman from Poland to the United States after she received death threats.

Madeleine, from Rothley in Leicestershire, disappeared during a family holiday in Praia da Luz in Portugal in 2007 at the age of three.

That would make her 19 now, two years younger than Wendell – a fact that left many skeptical.

Wendell has also said that she cannot remember large parts of her childhood and is not sure of her age because she has not seen her birth certificate – a claim that her parents have strongly refuted.

‘I don’t remember most of my childhood,’ she said, ‘but my early memory is very strong and relates to holidays in a hot place where there is a beach and white or very light colored buildings with flats. I don’t see my family in this memory.

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Wendell (pictured) claims she began to suspect herself of being the missing British girl in June last year, without providing any evidence to support her claims. Her claims have now been debunked after DNA test results prove she is not Madeleine McCann

Dr. Phil shows Wendell side-by-side photos of her and Madeline, which the Polish woman used to promote her now-debunked theory on social media.

Wendell insisted that she had many similarities to the missing Madeline, and that a rare eye defect she claimed to share with Madeline had ‘faded away’ after Dr. Phil asked her about it.

She said she also had a similar laugh and wink to the missing girl.

Wendell claimed her mother would always change the subject when Wendell brought up her birth and “didn’t want to show me any evidence.”

Dr. Phil said to her: It is [Wendell’s mother] She says she went to the hospital and gave birth to you.

The Polish woman replied: She said yes. When I asked her for DNA before this whole situation, when I asked her for some pictures from her pregnancy, some childhood pictures… she refused.

Wendell claimed she was never shown pictures of herself in her early years or a birth certificate, and her parents quickly refuted this – providing evidence.

In a statement, they said, β€œTo us as a family, Julia is clearly our daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin, and niece. We have memories, we have pictures.

Wendell (right) assisted Dr. Via Johansson (left), a private investigator and psychic medium, with providing DNA samples

Julia also owns these photos, because she took them from the family home along with the birth certificate, as well as several hospital discharges.

We always tried to understand all the situations that happened with Julia. The threats to our address from Julia, her lies and manipulations, her online activity … We have seen it all and tried to prevent it, to explain it, to ask it to stop.

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They added, ‘We’ve always tried to help her get back on her feet. Julia has been coming of age for several years. I got out of the house.

She refuses treatment and does not take medication regularly. Nor did she take advantage of the possibility of treatment in a very good center in Poland that agreed to accept her.

They explained that they’ve offered to provide Wendell with therapists, medication, and support over the years, adding, “Julia once wanted to be a singer, a model. She always wanted to be famous. What is happening now is [has] 1 million followers.

The internet won’t forget, and Julia is clearly not Maddie. We are devastated in this current situation.

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