a winter storm watch in southeastern Wisconsin; Snow storm conditions possible

a Watch Winter Storm It has been published for all of the southeast of the country Wisconsin From 6 am Thursday, December 22nd until 6 am Saturday, December 24th. A blizzard is likely to continue to set in across the region.

Observe FOX6 weather experts’ forecasts for frequent updates.

Watch Winter Storm 6 a.m. Thursday to 6 a.m. Saturday

Outlook details

timeframe: Light snow scattered Wednesday evening into Thursday morning. It really does snow on Thursday afternoons and evenings. Heavy precipitation is expected from Thursday night until Friday morning. The winds will pick up Thursday afternoon and get really strong after 6pm Thursday with northwesterly gusts of 30-60 mph. Possible blizzard conditions Thursday night through Friday. It doesn’t look like snow on Friday, but snowfalls and drifts continue on Friday and Saturday.

Amounts: Snow totals have fallen, but that’s it It does not change the potential of Blizzard. Snow possible from 4 to 8 inches across most of southeastern Wisconsin. Heavy Friday’s snow moved east. This lowers totals, however, and a change in the storm’s track could lead to continued snowfall in southeastern Wisconsin on Friday. As of this post, it’s snowing heavily Friday about 50 miles east of the lake. Snow totals may increase if the depression moves west. Stay tuned for updates.

Snow forecast now 4-8″. Blizzard conditions are still forecast Thursday night/Friday morning

Effects: Travel will be difficult from Thursday night to Friday. Strong winds will continue today, Saturday, with snow on the ground. Bitter cold air is pouring in on Friday with wind chills as low as -25 Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

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snow type: This snow can start as the wetter type on Thursday but quickly thins late Thursday night into Friday.

Thursday 5 pm forecast. The wind is getting stronger with moderate snowfall.

Friday 9 am forecast. Snow falls with very strong winds.

Fri 2 pm forecast. The heaviest snow falls only in the east. Light snow and strong winds in southeastern Wisconsin.

A blizzard is defined as heavy snow with wind gusts of 35 mph or greater and visibility reduced to 0.25 of a mile. or less for three or more hours. The last blizzard warning was for SE WI (Walworth, Racine & Kenosha Co.) in 2018. The last blizzard warning for Milwaukee County was in 2011.

The winds will actually pick up Thursday night into Friday creating these blizzard conditions. Expect significant delays in air and car travel on Thursday and Friday evenings. If you plan to travel by air, keep up to date with your airline. Interstate power outages and shutdowns are possible in parts of the upper Midwest Thursday and Friday night.

Be aware of the weather

Meanwhile, FOX6Now.com offers a Variety of very useful weather widgets To help you get through the stormy season. They include:

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Maps and radar

We have a group of Maps and radars on the FOX6 weather page Updated regularly – to provide you with the most accurate weather assessment. From a county-by-county view to a regional radar in the Midwest and a national view – it’s all there.

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School and business closures

When the weather gets a little suspicious, schools and businesses may close. Monitor the latest list of closures, cancellations, and delays Reported in southeastern Wisconsin.

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