A tanker and a liquefied natural gas tanker collided in the Suez Canal

An LNG tanker lost control and veered sideways in the Suez Canal, causing another tanker to collide with it, according to ship-tracking data from the AIS system. MarineTraffic.com show up.

A third tanker was also in the vicinity, but it is unclear if it was involved in any way.

MarineTraffic said it had received an eyewitness report of the collision between the two vehicles bury, The Cayman Island tanker, and the Singapore-flagged LNG tanker BW Lesmes. The third carrier is Athena’s soulFlying the flag of the Bahamas. I also shared an AIS replay of the incident, which is shown BW Lesmes Sideways in a part of the southern end of the Suez Canal, where there is only one lane for traffic.

The ships were about to finish the southbound crossing when the accident occurred.

the since when It was docked in the same general area in March 2021, blocking the waterway for six days.

The latest AIS data shows that BW Lesmes It no longer straddles the canal, but remains in the area, heading north, with the help of tugboats.

The effects on Suez Canal operations are currently unknown.

Panama’s maritime authorities investigated since when The accident revealed errors on the part of the Suez Canal authorities, in addition to speed, strong winds, and low visibility due to a dust storm.

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