A simple PS5 trick should help your DualSense controller’s battery last longer

If you find that your PS5 DualSense controller isn’t lasting as long as it used to, there’s a simple setting you can change that should help.

In theory, the PS5 console should technically last you a solid 12 hours on a single charge, but we all know that’s not the case. Regular updates mean the console has more work behind the scenes, so it might drain your battery faster than you’d like. But as shared by YouTuber John Glasscock, it turns out that there is a simple setting you can change to do the console mic that should make it last longer.

The default setting on your PS5 should be on for the DualSense mic, but you can head into your system settings to have it automatically muted when you log into your console. Simply head to the audio settings on your PS5, select your microphone, and change the setting titled “Microphone status when logging in” to mute. As Glasscock noted, this is probably the biggest drain on the DualSense’s battery life, though there are other ways to extend it, too.

Aside from the mute setting, another simple way to increase your console’s battery life is to lower the volume on the speaker. Again, just head into the Sound settings, then the Volume menu under that, and you can lower the console’s speaker volume to help conserve battery life.

Finally, you can also increase battery life by lowering or turning off the haptic feedback and the intensity of the playback effect. To do this, press the PS button on your controller, go to the accessories icon and click on the controller you are using, and access its controller settings. There, you can reduce or completely remove haptic feedback and crank up the intensity of the effect, but Glasscock’s average feedback still feels good while still helping with battery life.

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