A late strike on the Raptors’ rookie Koloko sparks a violent brawl against the Heat

Rising Raptors Christian Koloko He was in the heart of a wilderness scene in Miami on Saturday. (screenshot via TSN)

Raptors rookie Christian Colocco was fired for the first time in his NBA career after the Heat sent him off as a forward. Caleb Martin.

Midway through the third quarter of Saturday night’s Toronto-Miami game, Koloko and Martin tangled as they battled for a rebound before Martin was called up for a loose ball foul. Acting on what seemed like a harmless competition for the position, the Heat striker decided to attack the 22-year-old rookie as if he was wrong.

Koloko, in self-defence, climbed up to the older Martin as he towered over him, only to be pushed into the seats behind them. The rowdy brawl reached its climax as the players of both teams came to the aid of their brothers while the coaches tried to prevent their seats from joining the brawl.

Cooler Head finally prevailed after a few moments of intensity, but Both Koloko and Martin were expelled from the quarrel – although the latter clearly played the role of the instigator. Understandably, the internet came quickly to the defense of the Cameroonian.

Koloko was also praised for having the maturity to defend himself, showing a high level of courage despite having a few (three) NBA games under his belt.

After Koloko was sent off, the Raptors did some serious work, eventually losing by three after falling behind by more than 20 by one point.

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