A full jury was sworn in for Trump's historic criminal trial

5:38 pm ET, April 18, 2024

The jury is seated: Here's what happened in court on Day 3 of Trump's money trial.

From CNN staff

A jury of 12 New Yorkers has been seated in the historic hush money trial of former President Donald Trump in Manhattan. After two empaneled jurors were dismissed Thursday morning, seven new jurors were selected in the afternoon.

A jury consisting of seven men and five women.

Now, the court is working to take in six people with disabilities. So far one is sitting. Judge Juan Merchan said he hoped the process would conclude on Friday.

Here's what you need to know to get up to speed:

The sitting Judges were dismissed:

  • A juror was dismissed after expressing concern that part of his identity had been made public by the media. The judges ruled that the media could not publish jurors' answers to questions about their current or former employers.
  • A second empaneled juror was excused after the prosecutors He questioned the veracity of his answers to lawyers' questions on Tuesday.

Prosecutors continued to question:

  • The day began with a panel of 96 potential jurors. That was whittled down to 38 after half were fired immediately, saying they could not be fair or discriminatory, and another nine were fired because of another conflict. An additional prospective juror was dismissed after answering the questionnaire.
  • The 18 jurors faced additional questions from attorneys in the jury box.
  • Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass asked them, “Because the defendant is Donald Trump, do you think the prosecutors have to prove more?” He asked them. He also asked potential jurors to look at Trump and make sure they could look him in the eye and say “guilty” if their case is proven.
  • Trump lawyer Susan Nessels asked if anyone had a problem with the idea that “when two witnesses get on the witness stand and say, under oath, two completely different things, somebody's lying.” He asked a potential juror directly about whether he had posted about Trump on social media.

Judges Pardon for Cause:

  • As the attorneys finished their questions, each side made challenges to dismiss certain potential jurors for cause — and not have to use their peremptory strikes.
  • The judge dismissed two potential jurors for cause. One admitted he didn't think he could be fair, while another had negative social media posts about Trump.
  • The judge denied a motion to dismiss a potential juror who said he knew Nessels.
  • Both the prosecution and the defense used all their attacks.

Trump in court: The former president turned his chair to face the jury box as lawyers asked questions. Because many prospective jurors disagreed with Trump's policies or generally disliked him, he made a cut to see the jury pool.

Tomorrow: Mercen swore in a new panel of potential jurors who will return Friday as selection of alternates continues.

Cock Order: Meanwhile, lawyers say Trump Disobeyed his gag orders Seven more times, pointing to posts online, called the situation “ridiculous.” The order was issued in late March to prevent Trump from releasing statements about witnesses, judges, lawyers, court employees or family members of lawyers and court employees. Mercen will appear for a hearing on the matter next Tuesday.

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