A baseball coach was photographed in the cockpit under an FAA investigation in the US

Comment on the photo, A screenshot from the video, which shows Colorado Rockies coach Hensley Mullins in the cockpit

US aviation authorities are investigating after a baseball coach posted a video of himself in the cockpit of a plane while it was flying.

The video, which was filmed on a United Airlines plane, was originally posted on Instagram by Colorado Rockies hitting coach Hensley Mullins.

Passengers on US flights are generally prohibited from entering the aircraft cockpit.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating the accident.

United said it has suspended two pilots while its investigation continues.

The incident occurred on April 10, when the Rockies traveled to Canada to play the Toronto Blue Jays.

The video shows Mr Mullins sitting on one of the cockpit chairs and pretending to take control. “I'm landing the plane tonight,” he joked.

Mr. Mullins captioned the video, saying, “I had some fun in the cockpit on our flight from Denver to Toronto. Thank you to the Captain and First Officer of United Charter for allowing me this wonderful experience.” It has since been deleted.

“We are deeply troubled by what we see in this video, which appears to show an unauthorized person in the cockpit at flight altitude while the autopilot was engaged,” United Airlines said in a statement.

“As a clear violation of our safety and operational policies, we reported the incident to the FAA and have grounded the pilots while we investigate.”

“I cannot comment further because of the investigation,” Black told the newspaper.

Originally from the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, Mullins had a professional career in the United States, Japan, Korea and Mexico and was a member of the coaching staff of several Major League Baseball teams.

The BBC has contacted Mr Meulens and the Rocky team for comment.

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