49ers News: Kyle Shanahan talks about Brock Purdy’s progress since the OTAs and training camp

Brock Purdy was named a finalist for the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Considering that Purdy’s season started in relief of Jimmy Garoppolo on December 4 against Miami, this can be seen as a surprise.

No matter the argument, Purdy impressed in his eight matches, winning every one. Nate Sudfeld has been signed to a guaranteed contract to support Trey Lance in 2022. Purdy has progressed through the OTAs, training camp, and the preseason.

Kyle Shanahan W 49ers He decided to transfer from Sudfeld in favor of Purdy. Shanahan was asked why he made the decision after the 49ers’ win over Dallas:

Back in August, you guys snapped Detroit Lions QB Nate Sudfeld even after being given that guaranteed contract. What have you seen about Brock at the OTAs and training camp that made you confident enough of him to do this?

“When he first started, he got a few reps because of the number of reps we were giving him [QB] See [Lance] And how much we got it for Nate, but every time he got one or two reps, how decisive he was and he got the ball to the right place and he did it hard. He never seemed unsure about anything, so he kept gaining more reps and the more reps we gave him, he kept looking the same and didn’t make any moves back and then take him to some preseason games. So by the end of that it was very easy to see how Brock came along and we knew we wanted to keep him on the roster and not risk his training on the team, so it was a decision we had to make.”

The best examples of Purdy’s confidence and Shanahan’s confidence in him are the final drive of the first half and the final drive of the game for the 49ers.

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To end the half, Shanahan started with two runs followed by five pass attempts that moved the 49ers into goal field. The final two passes were incomplete, including Birdie’s final throw that left one second on the clock for Robbie Gould.

With the final drive, the 49ers were looking to kill as much of the clock as possible, which usually starts with a rush attempt. The first play was a sequel to George Keitel’s debut. Purdy would attempt only one more pass on the drive, but Shanahan was confident in Purdy not only to convert but also to make the right decision with the football.

Purdy and the 49ers face their biggest test Sunday in Philadelphia. Kyle Shanahan is a believer, and for good reason.

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