$30 million in first three days abroad – ‘Black Adam’ – Deadline

Saturday update: black Adam Added a set of 19 markets on Friday and it has now accumulated $30.2 million During the first three days in International box office. Friday rocked 15.8 million dollars with the Dwayne JohnsonRanked #1 as the first American movie in all 76 markets of release. With these results, we’re still looking at the $70 million range for our opening weekend overseas.

In New Beginnings, added Friday United kingdom With $2 million on 1,500 screens and clearly taking the top spot with 58% of the top 5 movies. Results over 52% Shazam!53% advanced Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle129% above jungle trip And 291% advanced Skyscraper. IMAX had a very strong 9% share of the total box office.

And they also joined the battle, Spain It debuted on Friday at a price of $587,000 on 689 screens. black Adam Dominate the market with 60% share of the top five; The premium formats do very well taking 4.6% of the total box office. Opening day results follow before Jumanji 2 (+38%), Shazam! (+79%), Skyscraper (+187%) and jungle trip (+231%).

Currently, the top 5 markets as of Friday are United kingdom ($2 million), Mexico ($1.9 million), Brazil ($1.8 million), India ($1.7 million) and Australia ($1.7 million).

By accounts, we hear that the family play is stronger than expected.

More will come on Sunday…

Previous, Friday: Warner Bros./new line/Capital‘s black Adam The show kicked off at the international box office on Wednesday, and through Thursday has moved to $13.8 million from 57 markets. Today adds the UK and Spain as overseas release continues.

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Included primary markets to go on Wednesday France And the Korea. Previously, Dwayne Johnson-starrer made $1 million in his first two days. In Korea, the film tops all performances by a large margin. It follows the typical cycle in the market from a high start on Wednesday, then low on Thursday, bounces on Friday and has a trading volume of $1.3 million to date (this total is not reflected in the two-day offshore market above).

It was a noticeable start on Thursday India With $1 Million it is the second biggest Warner Bros appearance ever and also the biggest in D.C. Diwali holiday is coming.

in another place, MexicoThursday’s $850,000 start was 9% higher than Johnson’s start Jumanji: The Next Level And 63% on his 2018 performance Skyscraper.

in AustraliaThursday’s opening of $750,000 was 80% higher than Skyscraper and 87% above Shazam!

While the weekend abroad isn’t really tolerated until we get our Friday numbers, we’re expecting that black Adam to land near the expected opening range; Critics fall for it, but fans are loyal. Anthony mentionedlocal previews were strong.

The public is eager for a new product, and wherever it goes, let’s hope this is the start for the times ahead.

More will come over the weekend…

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