3 days since Modi’s win, we see what it will cost

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses his supporters on Tuesday after the Bharatiya Janata Party won the country’s general elections.
Moni Sharma/AFP via Getty Images

  • Narendra Modi is still in power, but now his allies can start making demands of him.
  • Reports say these kingmakers want ministerial positions and special funding.
  • It is a stark change from when Modi easily won the previous election without the need for his allies.

As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi works to form his next government, the calculations are clearly different from the past ten years he spent in power.

Small political factions allied with his party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, have become crucial to his grip on India’s leadership. Tuesday’s election results showed that Modi would not have won a simple majority in Parliament had they not joined his cause.

It is a humbling moment for the BJP, which in the past two elections has easily managed to achieve a simple majority without the need for its allies.

This year, it fell 32 seats short of the 272 parliamentary seats needed to win. The rest of her coalition, the National Democratic Alliance, won another 52 seats for Modi, meaning the defection of several allied parties could upset the course of the election.

And they don’t know that. Now, increasingly, these small factions are dubbed kingmakers by the international media, vying for important concessions such as ministerial positions and special status for their states.

New style cabinet for Modi

Two major players here are the Telugu Desam Party and the Janata Dal (United). 16 and 12 seats were filled, respectively. Without these seats, Modi’s coalition would have won only 265 seats, seven seats short of the majority mark.

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It is known that both parties Loyalties have shifted before She only joined Modi in the months leading up to the 2024 elections.

Reuters The Telugu Desam Party is seeking federal funds to complete irrigation projects in Andhra Pradesh and build its capital, it was reported on Thursday, citing two anonymous sources.

WatchmanSouth Asia correspondent Hannah Ellis Petersen reported that the party appears to be demanding five ministerial positions and the position of Speaker of Parliament.

At the same time, the Janata Dal (United) is said to be demanding three ministerial seats, she added.

This would radically change the composition of the Modi government, in which it happened All ministerial posts are held by BJP members.

Local port New Indian Express The BJP was already considering dropping some of its former cabinet ministers, particularly among a group of 19 ministers who lost by a large majority in their elections this year, a newspaper reported on Friday.

There are about 50 portfolios to fill, but ministers often hold multiple positions or share responsibilities, meaning a typical cabinet has just under 30 members.

An uncertain road ahead for the BJP

However, Ellis Petersen reports that the BJP appears to have set limits on what can be demanded:

She is said to refuse to accept that any key positions in defence, finance, home affairs, foreign affairs, or indeed transport, highways and railways, will go to anyone other than her ministers.

Modi has so far won the approval of his allies, who collectively announced this week that they would do so Forming a new government Under it.

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However, compromising on loyalties represents a new area for Modi’s leadership, and may represent a new era in the extent to which he can project his vision over the country.

He didn’t have long to negotiate either. Modi has already tendered his resignation to the Indian president and is expected to do so He was sworn in for his third term during the Weekend.

The Prime Minister has campaigned extensively India’s rising position in the global economy He promised to transform the country into the world’s manufacturing center. He boldly predicted that the BJP would win 350 seats, while his coalition got about 400 seats this year.

Although his electoral victory was less decisive than expected, the Indian stock market recorded a notable rise Worst day in four years.

One of the main concerns among voters was high unemployment rates, especially among young Indian graduates. India’s unemployment rate reached 8.1% in April, up from 7.4% in March, according to a report from India’s central bank. Center for Monitoring Indian Economy.

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