28 Years Later comes from Danny Boyle and Alex Garland

Directors Alex Garland and Danny Boyle – the writer-director duo who brought us 2002 After 28 days – We've been talking about wanting to make a third film in the apocalyptic zombie franchise for years now. But it looks as if the duo will finally get the chance to turn that dream into a reality, all while potentially launching a brand new series of films.

according to Hollywood ReporterGarland and Boyle meet for… After 28 years, a new film set in a (supposedly) devastated world ravaged by a strange virus responsible for turning people into rage-filled, fast-running zombie-like creatures. As was the case with After 28 days – which stars Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Brendan Gleeson and Christopher Eccleston – and Boyle is set to direct the new film while Garland writes.

Garland and Boyle served as executive producers solely for director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo After 28 weeks From 2007, which took up the story of the first film and touched on how the contagion of anger eventually spread beyond Britain's borders. but with After 28 yearswhich has not yet determined a production start date, cast or distribution studio, and the duo hopes to launch a new trilogy of films that are expected to cost approximately $75 million to produce.

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