2022 Stanley Cup Finals – Colorado Avalanche-Tampa Bay Lightning Game 3 Best Moments, Views and Breakdown

The current Stanley Cup champions may have been on the ropes. But Tampa Bay Lightning, the consecutive title winners, returned home and defeated the Colorado avalanche, narrowing their two-game deficit to one. 6-2 In Game 3 on Monday.

The two games that worried Lightning fans in the Stanley Cup final were not only the lack, but also how the avalanche won. Colorado jumped to the starting lead in both games, completely dominating Tampa Bay in Game 2. Lightning Goldtender Andrei VasilevskyOne of the best late-season goalscorers in NHL history, Blitz scored seven goals on Saturday.

But on Monday, Colorado’s Golding felt pressure. Darcy Cumber The second half was dragged out when Tampa Bay took a 5-2 lead.

Here’s what happened when Lightning in Game 3 got it back on their home ice.

We have a series

Colorado is in a somewhat unknown territory.

The avalanche has not failed since May 25, before falling 6-2 on Monday. They did not fail by such a big margin in the latter season. Kuimber was dragged, and a cloud formed over their Golding. All of those deep marks dried up. It was all bad.

Tampa Bay was a force to be reckoned with. It must have been an exciting success – except for the loss of lightning Nicholas Paul And Nikita Kucherov Obvious injuries in the process. He left late in the third after joining Kucherov Devon Dowes Along the boards. As soon as the goal was scored, Paul was out in the second period.

It was the first road loss Colorado has faced in the playoffs, but leads 2-1 in the Avs series. Tampa Bay would be perfect for home at post-season. What’s the prediction for Game 4 on Wednesday? Please wait. – Kristen Shilton

Tampa Bay came to play

As John Cooper said before Game 3: “These are a bunch of heck, but so are we. We’ve been to these places before.”

He is right; Lightning fell earlier. They have already been calculated. Like those places, their disappearance statements in the Stanley Cup final seem to have been exaggerated.

Just like the lightning roared from a 2-0 deficit on the road in the Eastern Conference final, they look like a different team in Game 3 against Avalanche. They amassed 16 shots in Game 2; They threw 26 shots at the avalanche target tonight. After getting just 29% in Game 2, they have earned 50% on shot attempts in two seasons. In the first two games they failed to score in the Power Play; They finally got one in Game 3. Their stars were put to the test in Denver; Nikita Kucherov, Steven Stamkos, Ontrage Ballad and Victor Headman had several point games.

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Oh, and most importantly: they scored six goals, two goals for Avalanche, and chased down Colorado goalie Darcy Gumber in the process.

“We need to get out there and find our best game now,” said Pat Maroon before Game 3, in which he contributed a goal to the attack. “They didn’t see our best. So we’re excited. I hope we can show them our best tonight.”

Within 40 minutes, they showed something close to it. But there are still 20 minutes left, and the avalanche is one of the few teams that can reduce the four-goal gap. – Greg Wyshinsky

Colorado is big by two

Jared Bedner did not hesitate. As Lightning crossed the second half to take a 5-2 lead, Darcy Gumber was out, allowing five goals in 21 shots. Powell Fran்கois approved.

It had to be done.

Gumber was sharp at the start of the first period but turned out to be in charge. He could not withstand the pressure of lightning, and Colorado (perhaps not by accident) did not play confidently in front of him.

This was the first game in some time when Gumber was called upon to really progress. Tampa Bay trailed 2-0 in the final. The avalanche did not cause much suffering late and Kuimper, who saw only 16 shots in Game 2, did not handle it properly.

It is true that Colorado did not do much to help their netminders. Turns out the script from Lightning Game 2 and wins races and battles. They beat Colorado in its own game. Andrei Vasilevskiy seems to be locked up again. It could be worse for the avalanche than watching their own initial struggle. – Shilton

Lead lightning through a

For the most part, Lightning’s first period felt more like survival than a definitive response to the avalanche’s 2-0 series lead. They needed Andrei Vasilevsky’s to save at JT Compher four minutes into the match. They needed the NHL environment room to thank Valerie Nichushkin for her floater goal offside. They needed Anthony Cyrelli’s funky “no shot” goal to cross the Darcy Kuember into the net for the first goal after the second period of Game 1.

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But, in a moment they seemed like lightning again. Devon Dowes steals an Ontrage ballot buck from the pass. Nikita Kucherov draws guards to him in the attack zone. Steven Stamkos scored a point in his ninth straight playoff home game to make it 2-1. And Vasilevsky maintained his lead against the Colorado pressure because the Avs were aiming for 14 shots during that period.

Lightning 6-1 when they are present after a period of time. Most importantly, they did not lag behind by several goals after the first 10 minutes of a game in the series. Small hits. – Vyshinsky

The avalanche falls behind

Valerie Nichushkin thought he had scored the first goal of the game in a change-up shot that knocked out Andrei Vasilevsky at the start of the first period.

Tampa Bay is going to get the change.

Successfully challenged the play as Lightning Offs, blowing air out of Colorado sails, mostly driven by Tampa Bay.

It did not last long though. Once you discover both Colorado Tampa Bay’s early motivation and their early Power Play opportunity, the resettlement team is like showing it again. Not only did the avalanche stop the lightning, they also drew a penalty. Gabriel Landescock scored in favor of Man to turn the tide at Tampa Bay.

Colorado scored the ninth-straight unanswered goal in the series.

It’s a nine-minute extension that shows Colorado’s best: depth, boldness, talent, identity.

Those sections will need more for the avalanche when night falls. As time went on they faltered. Lightning also used a couple of goals. Colorado does not have to face much suffering late. With the goal being scored and trailing for the first time in this trophy final, how will they cope with the real challenge now? – Shilton

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Famous fans

Native to Colorado Rockies pitcher and Denver Kyle Freeland He stood alone in the crowd as he cheered his hometown team on.

Did anyone say ‘chicken farm’?

Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. John Pussycross and Poultry Farm. The tradition of teams serving Buccigross with food continued even before Game 3. Lightning also incorporated their iconic ThunderBug.

If you need a better look, our Greg Vyshinsky has defended you.

Tampa Bay is down but not out

Is the situation optimal? No. Is the series over? Far away. Is this Lightning Hype video ready to run through the wall before Tampa Bay fans make the buck drop? Probably.

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