2022 NFL Scout Integrated Day 3 Results: Georgia steals show, Edge Russians show depth

The NFL Scout Coalition landed on the security field on Saturday for the third day. The scout event ends Sunday with defensive backs and special teams. Following those chances after the defensive line has been a difficult task and the linebackers have lived up to every bit of exaggeration.

Georgia steals the show

Defensive player Jordan Davis stole the show by starting with a 40-yard ball of 4.78 seconds. He followed it with a 10-foot-3-inch wide jump and a 32-inch vertical jump; Both of these are excellent for those who work with over 340 pounds at all times. His teammate, Devonde Wyatt was also a star. A second group of defensive guards descended on the field, and the commotion continued. Edge Rusher Troon Walker crossed the 40-yard ball in 4.51 seconds. He showed a cut frame and excellent handling ability to work with bags. If that were not enough, Jermaine Johnson II of the state of Florida, the Georgia relocation, might have tested better and confirmed her claim as a first-round pick.

The combination of Walker’s performance and size ensures that he does not fall into the top 10 in the 2022 NFL Draft. The Giants and the Jets stand alone as two teams that can mix.

Georgia linebackers continued to upgrade the Bulldogs program with strong performances by Saning Dindell and Quay Walker. Nagobe Dean did not compete.

Edge Rusher depth in the whole scene

For teams that have missed out on Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson, Oregon’s Gavon Thebodox and now Walker, there will be no shortage of options for teams that need the Edge Rusher. A total of eight chances, including Walker and Thebotox, ran under the 40-yard line for 4.6 seconds. Ole Miss’s Sam Williams, Minnesota’s Boye Mafe, Michigan’s David Ojabo and many others apply to profiles of influential players in the NFL.

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