2022 NBA Playoff Predictions: Celtics Select Experts for Every First-Round Tournament Including Networks

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After an 82-game regular season and an exciting, exciting play-off match, we are finally ready to begin the 2022 NBA playoffs, with the wide-open domain we saw in recent memory. Although the NBA does not often see many big first-round defeats, we have some intriguing matches this year that could lead to some unexpected results.

The match between No. 2, which many people watch from start to finish, is a match between Boston Celtics And no. 7 Brooklyn nets At the Eastern Conference. The Nets liked the pre-season to win the title, but injuries, part-timers and midfielders led to a disappointing regular season for them. They showed off their firepower in the play-off victory Cleveland CavaliersHowever, with Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Includes anything other than a normal seventh seed. The Powerhouse duo are sure to be a show-off against Boston’s league-best defense.

The biggest maneuver comes from the match between Out West and No.4 Dallas Mavericks And no. 5 Utah Jazz. Dallas will be without an MVP candidate Luca Tansik At least for the first game of the series, it dramatically shifts the odds in favor of Utah. Due to Dansik’s utilization rate and attacking responsibility, the Mavericks seem less capable of surviving without their superstar than some teams.

With the playoffs set to begin on Saturday, our CBS Sports NBA experts have taken a punch in predicting each first-round series.

First round exams

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