2022 Masters Takeaways: Scotty Scheffler Proves Promise, Justin Thomas Sneaks In Moving Day

Augusta, ca. – The world’s No. 1 golfer, who has won three of his last five matches, scored 67 in the 2022 Masters on Friday to catch a five-stroke. The first major of the year. However, most of the world’s No. 1 players did not become world No. 1 in the two months since they were eliminated from a PGA Tour event like Scotty Scheffler’s.

This week the 25-year-old Scheffler’s quick trip reflects his journey over the past two months. His first PGA Tour win came on February 13 at the Phoenix Open. His second Arnold Palmer invitation was March 6. After his third three weeks at WGC- del Technologies on March 28 he lost the match play, the same day he became the No. 1 golfer on the planet.

Now, two weeks later, He has equaled the record with the largest 36-hole lead In Masters History (five feet above four competitors).

Scheffler has been quietly a beast in the majors for the past few years. His last six starts led to the top-20 results, and although he was not successful until two months ago, he was a statistician during his career. Again this week, he leads the field in strokes from tea to green, and his performance is definitely consistent.

The Masters, dominated by Tiger Woods’ amazing game coming back after 36 holes and two days, the event finally has a story outside of the big cat. Four of the five golfers who led by five strokes after 36 holes in the Masters Went to beat the green jacket. It did not just set a record before World War II began.

It should not come as a surprise that the world No. 1 player will win the Masters in his third start at the Augusta National. Nonetheless, as he rose to the top of the world, it happened so quickly, it is doubtful.

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One of the storylines coming up this week is whether Scheffler was the real No. 1. The question is not whether he is a good golfer, but rather whether he was simply in the heater.

Masters success will dispel all doubts about Scheffler’s present And His future. Now, the question that engulfed the first part of this week – What will Tiger Woods do in the 2022 Masters? – Deleted and replaced By a man wearing the Big Gates Nike. The question now for Scheffler is the same question that Tiger has answered many times in his life: Will anyone catch the world No. 1 in the last 36 runs of this great championship?

There are nine more thoughts in the second round of the 2022 Masters.

2. The cat survives: Again 71-74 may not be largely known in the history books, but Tiger exhibits an age-appropriate performance considering this time browsing for artificial tools this time around. After going out at 39, he went on to score 35 in the second nine to ease the weekend. Will he compete on Sunday? I do not think it’s unpleasant to consider how bad he has been from tea so far How broken his body is now. However, Saturday will tell, and you can get a final magic act from him where the cat is more dominant.

“I didn’t feel as good as I wanted to feel,” Woods said. “That’s right. Like I said, I’m got a chance to go over the weekend. I’m going to have one of those lightbulb moments, turn it on over the weekend and finish doing it. If I go, anything can happen. I have to get myself there. That’s important. I have to get there. Tomorrow will be a big day. ”

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3. Dustin Johnson is in ambush: The DJ had a grind on Friday after two bogies caused by horrific drives at No. 7 and No. 9 first. He made nine bars in a row in the second inning and entered the house with 73 runs, which did not look big on paper, but was almost two times better than the field average in Round 2. The DJ knew the weekend was long, and he was trying to play. His way on Sunday afternoon. His patience and discipline (seriously, patience and discipline for a DJ) is admirable, and it would be much more impressive to win a 6-year-old postgraduate degree than to win an under-20 record like he did a year and a half ago.

4. Justin Thomas jumps, Colin Morikawa moves: Morocco’s slide in the top 10 on the leaderboard was quieter than JT’s, but your two “if he goes out before 31, things will get spicy” friends watch Saturday. Thomas performed. He matched Scheffler’s 67 late. He’s legally in the mix, and after he got 5.6 strokes in the approach shots in Round 2, he has a controversial path on Sunday that doesn’t seem unthinkable.

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5. 2011 and 2016: After Thursday, with a leaderboard consisting of Dustin Johnson, Sungje Im and Cameron Smith, who finished in the top three in the November Masters, I commented that we are getting the 2020 reorganization. Obviously, we are getting more repetitions of 2011 and 2016. Charl Schwartzel (2011 champion) scored 69 runs under 3 on Friday and sat at 3 after 36 holes. He missed his last six cuts worldwide and has not made the top 10 anywhere since last July. Danny Willett (2016 Champion) scored 74, but still sits in the top 10. To add to the 2016 story, Willett took a co-lead at one point on Friday, and Jordan Speed ​​- the cut failed – was pumped. Water in No. 12.

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6. Tough test: The scoring average on Friday rose to 74.6 as they were randomly blown by the lively wind. The best indication of how tough Augusta National was on Friday? Six golf rounds in the 60s, seven shot rounds in the 80s.

7. Hidegi to go back? I may have been most impressed with Hidegi Mastuyama’s 3-Under Show so far this week. He has been a factor for the past few months and withdrew from the Texas Open last week with a neck injury. Now? He has a real chance of becoming the first golfer to win two straight green jackets since Tiger in 2001-02.

8. How big is golf? Larry Mice, 63, who averaged 230 yards from Dee this week, said he played 28-year-old Bryson Dsambov at an average of 310 yards on the golf course, parallel to 67. I know DeChambeau is not completely healthy, but imagine this would happen in any other sport!

9. Pappa is Pappa: Papa led Watson to Burt and helped him over the weekend in Augusta.

10. Who can win? If we believe that the downward trend will continue, the 2022 Masters winner will be one of the following.

  • Scotty Scheffler
  • Charles Schwartz
  • Chungje Im
  • Shane Lori
  • Hidegi Matsuyama
  • Harold Warner III
  • Dustin Johnson
  • Kevin Na
  • Cam Smith

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