2 Missing Dallas Zoo Monkeys Found in North Texas – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Dallas Zoo says two monkeys They are believed to have been taken from their habitats on Monday have been found.

Dalas said police found two Emperor Tamarin monkeys on a tip-off. Police said they then went to Galle’s home in Lancaster, south of Dallas, and found the monkeys safe in a closet.

“We are incredibly excited to share the discovery of our two emperor tiger monkeys,” zoo officials said in a statement. “DPD located the animals this evening and called our team to safely arrive and transport the tamarins back to the zoo. They will be evaluated by our veterinarians this evening.”

Zoo officials added that more information will be released on Wednesday, and details about the rescue will be provided by Dallas police.

Not arrested.

A nearby church, which owns the property and plans to use it as a youth center, said the empty building where the monkeys were found was recently broken down and filled with wild animals.

Dallas Police

Authorities from Dallas and Lancaster found the Dallas Zoo’s missing emperor Tamarin monkeys in an abandoned house Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Dallas police on Tuesday They asked for help identifying someone they said they wanted to talk to About the case. Detectives said they wanted to speak with the man “regarding the disappearance of two tamarins at the Dallas Zoo,” but provided few other details.

“We reached out to the authorities saying we know who the person is, how we recently broke into our youth center and we’re trying to get out into the community,” said his daughter, Tanya. The church’s pastor preferred to be identified by his first name.

“Someone got back there and destroyed it even more,” she said. “So it kind of sets us back to get the facilities up and going. But it was really shocking to see those precious, you know, animals there.”

A spokesperson for Family Center Church said the organization is working with police to identify the person responsible.

“The intruder not only caused significant damage to the youth center’s facilities, but also put the safety of both the animals and the community at risk. Despite the setback, the church remains committed to its mission of providing support and resources to those in need. It is working closely with local authorities to ensure the perpetrator is brought to justice,” the spokesperson said.

This is the fourth suspicious incident at the zoo since the start of the New Year — Noah, originally a clouded leopard, escaped from its enclosure after police discovered it had been deliberately mutilated.. Zoo employees made a similar discovery the next day, as Dallas police launched a criminal investigation Deliberately cut in the enclosure containing the langur monkeys, all were accounted for. Most recently, An endangered vulture was found dead with “unusual injuries”.Zoo officials said. Dallas police later said they were investigating the death as suspicious.

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