2 actresses killed in a luxury car accident!

Actress Gayatri Joshi, known for her role in the Bollywood film ‘Swades’, and her husband, businessman Vikas Oberoi, were recently involved in a car accident while on vacation in Italy. The unfortunate accident claimed the lives of two people.

While traveling in their Lamborghini during the Sardinia Supercars Tour, an event that includes a display of luxury cars, their car collided with a Ferrari and a minivan. Tragically, the occupants of the Ferrari lost their lives.

The collision occurred when the two luxury cars attempted to overtake a transport vehicle on the road, leading to a serious accident. The camper van overturned and the Ferrari caught fire in the aftermath.

Confirming the incident, Gayatri Joshi said that she and Vikas Oberoi are fine and recovering. The couple expressed their gratitude that they were not harmed in this horrific accident.

The victims of the accident were identified as Markus Krütli (67 years old) and his wife Melissa Krütli (63 years old), both from Zurich, Switzerland.

Gayatri Joshi, a former Indian actress, video jockey and model, gained fame for her role in the film Swades. She has been married to businessman Vikas Oberoi since 2005. Joshi started her career as a video jockey on Channel V India and later pursued modeling. She has also appeared in notable music videos.

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