14 well-paying jobs you should know about

“So, with an average 10-20 hour work week, the business brings in $40-$50k a year. It could double or increase if you wanted to work a ‘full-time’ schedule. There’s also not a lot of overhead in This kind of work, because I cook in my clients’ kitchens with ingredients that I purchase on their behalf.

My schedule is Monday through Thursday from about 10am to 1pm or 2pm, and I never work on Fridays or weekends. And if I want some extra time, I just tell my clients I don’t cook that day.

I didn’t go to culinary school to do that. I worked in some bakeries and then did some recipe development work for a large company. Once the pandemic hit, I realized I wanted a change and seized the opportunity to start my own business. I have worked hard to build my skills at home with a lot of cooking and learning through YouTube videos. Then I focused on building a good website and a good business brand. You just need to show people that you can do the job well and make sure they’re satisfied, and they won’t care that you don’t have a culinary degree (not one person asked about it).

If you want to do this work for someone else, you can expect only $20 to $30 an hour, although you may get some benefits like a $401k, health insurance, etc. Have an incredible experience! “

—Anonymous, 35, NE, USA

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