10 Skill Games That Got Killer With Updates

The Spartans race at a boar holding an enemy flag while shooting at it.

picture: 343 industries

Oh, Hello. While you will always have a fan in me those early days of Master Chef Collection It was rough. In 2014, I was blown away by the idea of ​​every number Hello The game, and all the multiplayer, bundled into one experience. Was that easy.

MCC It will be the second time Hello It made me explore the library of misery. Constant server and matchmaking issues made multiplayer a terrible experience. And for older games, like Halo 2That multiplayer was a buggy mess, even when it worked. The single player experiences were a bit of a reprieve from that, but games still crash a lot on the Xbone.

Flashforward to 2020 and Master Chef Collection Not just one of the best Hello Today’s experiences, are The best a place to play Helloperiod (well, until No final He gets his friggin’ act together, too). On top of the well-maintained PC version that offered all kinds of never-before-seen features such as graphical tweaks, more games have been added over the years, in the form of reach the aura And Halo 3: ODST. ODSTIt, in fact, received a Flood-themed shootout mode it wasn’t even in the original; Halo 3 Got new maps too. It also serves as an excellent platform for New and exciting mod experiences.

It took a few years, however Halo: The Master Chief Collection It is now everything It promised to be, and then some.

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