Zooming in: Previews are underway for Super Mario RPG Switch

So what do other critics think of this new version of Super Mario RPG so far? Read on to find out:

IGN: “Super Mario RPG manages to balance recreating one of my favorite games while wanting to improve upon it where necessary.”

My Nintendo news: “I can confidently say that this is a great way to experience the game, whether you’ve played the original SNES title, or this is your first time diving into the first Mario RPG. It’s clear that there have been many quality of life improvements designed to for the game in order to make it as accessible as possible but the inclusion of the original soundtrack clearly shows that Nintendo wants this to be a nostalgic experience for returning players as well.

Press the start button: “This will be the best way to play Super Mario RPG. Its improvements are small but impactful, and the visual style is as strong as ever.”

Tech Radar: “If there’s one thing that classic turn-based RPGs can be guilty of, it’s repetitive and unengaging combat. However, these aren’t issues players will have to worry about in Nintendo’s upcoming Switch remake. Super Mario RPG“.

ComingSoon.Net: “Nintendo seems to have nailed it with a Super Mario RPG remake. Whether you’ve replayed the original SNES game a few times or this is your first experience, the updated Switch version is a must-have for RPG fans. It’s got more charm Of course, plus some clever updates that keep it fresh, this is everything you could want from a remake.

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