Zhelensky of Ukraine stands up and applauds, calling for further support as he addresses the UK Parliament via video

Pallavi echoed a line Exciting talk Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister during World War II.

Provoking Shakespeare, Zhelensky said, “The question we have now is whether there should be or should not be.” “I can give you a definite answer: it certainly will.”

After Zhelensky’s speech, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reiterated that British humanitarian aid, military support and sanctions against Russia would continue “until Ukraine gains independence.” He did not heed Zhelensky’s repeated calls for a NATO-administered no-fly zone, which Western nations have dismissed as a move that could escalate into a major confrontation with Russia.

In earlier speeches to Western leaders, Zhelensky struck a similar sentimental and defiant tone. When he spoke to members of the US Congress last week about Zoom, he told politicians that they had last seen him alive.

“It’s been 13 days since we heard the promises. We have been told for 13 days that we will help in the air, there will be planes, and they will be delivered to us,” Zhelensky said in a video released Tuesday. In the telegram. He suggested that “those who did not protect the Ukrainian skies from Russian assassins” should take some responsibility for the resulting massacre.

When a Ukrainian activist On March 1, the British leader appealed to Johnson to support the no – fly zone, saying: “Unfortunately, the implication is that the UK will be involved in the shooting down of Russian planes engaged in direct war with Russia, which is not something we can do.

As of Tuesday, the UN Said It is estimated that about 2 million civilians fled Ukraine and 474 were killed and 861 wounded, although the actual death toll is beyond doubt. “Very high. “

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The video of Jelensky wearing an olive-green military T-shirt was shown on large screens set up in parliament for British lawmakers wearing headsets to hear the translator.

Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, said before the speech that it was “historic” and that “every Member of Parliament wants to hear directly from the President who speaks to us directly from Ukraine, so this is an important opportunity. For the home.”

Zhelensky Addressed U.S. lawmakers On Saturday he made direct appeals for additional military assistance, including assisting in the defense of Soviet-era warplanes in the face of Russian airstrikes.

During the call on Zoom, which was attended by more than 280 members of the Senate and House, Zhelensky further described the “urgent need” for military support and humanitarian assistance and the global ban on Russian oil purchases. Since the meeting was private, the caller spoke anonymously.

In a speech to the European Parliament this month, Zelensky described how Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, was being attacked. Summary of the English translator for the President Suffocated During the comments.

A translator of a March 1 speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky in the European Parliament broke down. (Washington Post)

Last week, Zhelensky Said thank you Britain’s Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, after the couple made a rare attempt in politics, “for courageously resisting the Russian invasion” Tweets They say “the president and the people of Ukraine stand with all when they fight bravely.”

Britain’s Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace said on Tuesday that Russia’s occupation of Ukraine was not going as planned and that the Russian military was suffering heavy casualties.

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“It’s not particularly good for the Russians,” Wallace said Said Sky News of the UK. “It’s day 13, out of their schedule.”

“Probably the only casualties so far are Russian military personnel,” he added, adding that “those abandoned by the terrible leadership and terror plans.”

Wallace added a 40-mile convoy of Russian military vehicles On the way from the north to Kiev “still stuck” outside the capital of Ukraine. U.S. officials attribute the apparent stall to the logistical failure on the Russian side. They also praised Ukrainian efforts to attack parts of the convoy that contributed to its recession. But they warn that the Russians could reunite and move forward at any time.

“We can see that the Russians have real logistical problems, so it affects morale; they have not passed, they are very distrustful,” Wallace added. “Russia has created a trap.”

Wallace added that Britain was “increasing our support for casualties and non-lethal assistance to Ukraine” and that if London decides to supply warplanes to Ukraine, it will extend military support to neighboring Poland.

“I will support the Poles and whatever they choose,” Wallace said, but added that Britain could not provide aircraft that could be used by Ukrainians. “The choices they make not only help Ukraine directly, it’s a good thing, but Poland understands that they could be brought under fire directly from countries like Russia or Belarus.”

Wallace said he expected Zhelensky’s speech on Tuesday to be “incredibly powerful” and called the Ukrainian president a “wonderful man.”

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