Zelenskyy closed the Newsmax recommendation that Trump could have stopped the war

  • Newsmax editor Zhelensky was asked if Russia’s invasion would have been prevented when Trump was president.
  • Zhelensky said it did not matter which party was in power in the United States.
  • He apologized to Rob Schmidt for “saying something you don’t like.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has closed a Newsmax interview that prompted former President Donald Trump to say there would be no war in Ukraine if he were still US president.

On Tuesday, Newsmax editor Rob Schmidt interviewed Zelenskyy about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

Schmidt asked Gelensky: “Do you think different American leaders, different Western leaders, could have prevented this occupation?”

“Many Americans believe the invasion would not have happened if someone like Donald Trump had been in the White House. What is your position?”

Zelenskyy responded by saying he was grateful for the assistance provided by current US President Joe Biden and that the support of the American people for Ukraine was paramount, regardless of which party was in power.

He said: “I believe the American people’s assistance is very important. They pay taxes. The money allocated to support Ukraine comes from taxes.

“I’m sorry to say something you do not like, but it does not matter if the country we are at war with is a Democrat or a Republican. The American people support us,” he said. Said.

Zelenskyy later added: “I do not know what will happen to the president. I can not predict what will happen if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States in this situation.”

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Zhelensky said it was important that American institutions, such as the Senate and Congress, act in the same way, regardless of who is in power, in order to maintain “American values.”

Newsmax is a right-wing outfit known for its support for Trump.

Trump had previously said that he would have prevented Russia’s invasion if he had been in power.

He said in A statement On February 24, the day Russia invaded: “If I had been in office, this deadly situation in Ukraine would never have happened!”

Trump and Zhelensky have a significant political background, and the question of US support led to Trump’s first accusation.

Congress fired in 2019 when Trump persuaded the Ukrainian president over a phone call with Zhelensky. Investigate his political rival PitaAnd his son, Hunter Biden, apparently in exchange for military aid.

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