What Troy Aikman’s $90 Million ESPN Deal Means for McVay, Michaels and Buck

after Troy Aikman’s seismic broadcast moved from Fox to ESPNThe tremors coming from the sidelines of the NFL are expected to reverberate to some of the biggest names in sports ever.

from Shawn McVeigh Possible exit from training To potential musical chairs for theater players, which includes legendary broadcasters Al Michaels and Joe Buck, free agency NFL TV could get even messier.

After Aikman’s five-year deal in the $90 million range and a change with ESPN, McVeigh, a 36-year-old coach with a new Super Bowl in his condition, could face a very confusing decision.

It was amazon Trying to cut a deal with Michaels To make him pioneer play separately when the exclusive Thursday Night Football starts next fall, he was stuck at the 1-yard line, as Michaels waited to see who Amazon would bring in as a partner.

After Cris Collinsworth agreed to a $12.5 million-a-year deal to team up with Mike Tirico on NBC’s next iteration of “Sunday Night Football,” Collinsworth was written off Thursday with Michaels.

Amazon has held talks with current 49ers GM and former TV analyst John Lynch, according to sources, but it did not lead to a deal.

Amazon has been within striking distance of signing Aikman in recent weeks, but has been unable to shut down, allowing ESPN to pounce on Aikman and steal him by exceeding the average annual salary of Tony Romo and CBS’s 10-year $180 million contract.

Although Michaels is reluctant to break into a new analyst, he has a relationship with McVeigh, as they live close to each other in Los Angeles and even go out to dinner at events. McVay has such star power that Michaels may finally be tempted to sign up with Amazon.

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Troy Aikman Gets Almost $90 Million From ESPN To Join "Monday Night Football."
Troy Aikman Gets Nearly $90 Million From ESPN To Join “Monday Night Football”.
Getty Images

However, McVeigh, who is said to have earned $8.5 million as a Rams coach, may choose to stay on the sidelines and certainly could use interest from Amazon or Fox as leverage. His words and rams’ actions will likely make him destined to quit coaching in the next few years.

He’s said he doesn’t want to be an NFL player, he wants to be around for his family, while the winning Rams are now mortgaging their future for their title.

Obviously, McVay will be able to land a TV job any time he’s away from training, but these networks only pay the best game analysts that have these eight-figure deals a year.

Sean McVeigh
Sean McVeigh won the 2022 Super Bowl with the Rams.

If McVay waits, the No. 1 game analyst chairs at ESPN, CBS, Fox and Amazon could fill up. There will always be seven figures for him, but this might be the time if he really wants the $15 million plus weekends.

Meanwhile, Buck is topping ESPN’s list to pair with Aikman, according to sources. The two had been at Fox for more than two decades.

Buck has another year on his Fox contract and doesn’t want to lose it, especially with two Super Bowls in the next three years. Despite the financial talks, and despite Fox paying Buck a lot — $11 million a year to be the top player in the NFL and MLB — ESPN could try to get Fox out of the water.

ESPN wants to bring in Joe Buck to stay with Troy Aikman.
ESPN wants to bring in Joe Buck to stay with Troy Aikman.
Getty Images

Although Fox does not have to give Buck permission to speak with ESPN, Fox may choose to do so because he would be a poor broadcaster, which could cause an untenable situation in a Super Bowl year.

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ESPN is expected to see first if it can land a buck. if not, Likely to turn her attention to MichaelsAccording to the sources. ESPN knew Michaels wanted to work with Aikman and felt he needed to sign the right analyst in order to really consider going after Michaels.

ESPN has done just that. For Michaels, it would be a storyline going back to his “Monday Night Football” roots.

On the other hand, Amazon has already registered Michaels’ favorite product, NBC’s Fred Godeli, which will allow Michaels to easily slip in there, if he has an analyst who likes him.

After Aikman’s departure, Fox will do his best to keep Buck, but he loves her depth. Playing separately are rookie players Kevin Burckhardt, Adam Amin and Joe Davis. She brought in No. 2 game analyst Greg Olsen last year with the idea that he could one day be No. 1. That day might be upon us, although the deal isn’t finalized yet.

Al Michel
ESPN can run a race at Al Michaels if the Amazon deal doesn’t go through.
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Fox will investigate McVeigh and certainly cannot be ruled out there. Sources said the company has already spoken to Sean Payton about a job at the studio. Both Fox and Amazon still admire the potential of NBC’s Drew Brees, despite his poor playoff. Tom Brady will receive calls from Amazon and Fox.

In addition to its mix and match capabilities, Fox has Joss Johnson and Jewel Clatt as its first college team.

In all likelihood, Buck will have the option of staying at Fox or going to ESPN. For fun, let’s say Buck joins Aikman at ESPN.

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Suddenly Fox will have a chance to play a game, and Burkhart, 47, will probably be ready for the mantle. Despite this, Fox has two of the next three Super Bowls – and Michaels has already called 12 of them.

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