What does Will Smith’s resignation from the Academy mean to the actor?

When Will Smith Slapped After Chris Rock teased comedian Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith at the Oscars on Sunday, she sent shock waves into the industry. Then, after a while, Smith went back on stage Accept Oscar for “Best Actor”

At the time of the incident, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Smith Co To Condemned His actions. Smith Apologized Rock said Monday at a stand-up show Wednesday night in Boston Still processing What happened.

Following Smith’s public apology Announced his resignation From the academy on Friday – and many others were wondering what the resignation meant for the actor and his future.

What is an academy – why do people join?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded in 1927 and the elite group began to present the Academy Awards – which would present the Oscars – in 1929, according to. Website of the Academy. It currently has 10,000 members 17 branches In the field of film production from writers and actors to make-up artists and public relations.

Membership reviews are held once a year in the spring, and those wishing to gain access must be funded by two members of the academy at the branch they are currently enrolling. However, Academy Award nominees are considered members automatically and do not require sponsorship.

Members of the academy have access to a number of offers, including the right to vote and nominations for the best film for nominees in their branch. They also get exclusive access to screenings of recommended movies.

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What does Smith’s resignation mean?

When he resigned from the academy, Smith gave up the aforementioned privileges. His resignation, however, does not mean that he will lose his Oscar for his role in “King Richard”. He may be nominated again in the future and invited back to the ceremony, according to Variety.

But the academy announced last week that it would reconsider the incident and hold a disciplinary meeting for the cast on April 18. Smith Can allow It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Although many members have been expelled from the academy in the past Harvey Weinstein, Some have resigned. According to PeoplePeter Curland, the Oscar-nominated sound mixer and Tom Fleischmann, the Oscar-winning recording mixer, resigned last month as the academy decided to stop airing parts of their show.

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