WGA’s David Goodman hits on the latest studio response — Deadline

In the last hour, AMPTP issued its first public comments since the writers’ strike, calling its offer “generous”.

David Goodman, a former WGA president who co-chairs the negotiating team, attacked the studio’s response.

“We have raised issues about the longevity of writers,” he told Deadline. “It is clear to us in the AMPTP proposals that they are coming after the writing staff, they are not interested in the longevity of the writing profession. They want to turn it into a gig economy, a gig job. All of their proposals, from AI to a day rate for comedy writers to dismissing all the concerns we raised about free work for screenwriters, indicate that they have a plan to devalue writers. The people they hire. We cannot stand for that. They say nothing in these comments, otherwise tell me nothing.

Goodman, who was picketing outside Disney, said it was sticking to its plans but that it was open to talks with AMPTP.

Earlier today, Paramount CEO Bob Bakish became the first studio boss to discuss the issue after the company’s recent financial meltdown.

Writers are “vital in creating content,” he said, and he believes they can come to a resolution “very quickly for everyone,” but the company “has to pull a lot of levers that will allow us to manage.” Even if the strike is extended”.

Family guy And Honor Society Writer Goodman said, “He’s scared. I mean, honestly, I look at it like, oh, he’s scared. We’re concerned about making a good deal for our members, and we know that the companies we’re negotiating with can afford it.

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