‘Wednesday’ star Gina Ortega has been criticized by ‘Daredevil’ TV producer for being ‘poisonous’ and ‘toxic’

Jenna Ortegahit star Netflix series “Wednesday,” He was criticized by the veteran Hollywood film producer and director Stephen DeKnight for its specific behaviour. DeKnight took to Twitter to condemn Ortega’s behavior, which was revealed during an appearance on the show Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast.

Ortega He admitted to changing lines in the script and acting unprofessional on set, actions DeKnight called “headline” and “beyond toxic”.

deknetwho worked on such successful programs as “reckless” And “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” He said that while he likes to “talk with the actors about their lines/stories,” sometimes the stars “don’t have the full picture (in television) of where the story is going and why some storylines are needed for the whole to make sense.” He also blamed Ortega’s age for her actions, but said she “should” be aware of how things work.

Ortega, 20, admitted on the podcast that she put her “foot in” on set, almost going “unprofessional” for the sake of her Addams familial character, who she was “very protective of.”

She said her character getting involved in a “love triangle” “didn’t make sense”, and repeatedly told the writers “no” to drawing points—even sometimes “changing lines” herself in the script. She even went so far as to admit that most of the time she was unhappy with her performance.

The series has been renewed for a second season

despite of Ortegabehavior , “Wednesday” It was a huge success for Netflix. It quickly rose to be the streaming giant’s second-biggest English-language show of all time, logging 1.02 billion hours watched in the three weeks following its November 16 debut, with more than 150 million households watching.

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But the show’s popularity didn’t stop its producers from working with Ortega again. Not only will Ortega play Wednesday in the second season, but she will also serve as an executive producer herself.

In the end, Ortega’s behavior on set may have been unprofessional, but it didn’t detract from the success of “Wednesday.” It will be interesting to see how her role as executive producer affects the creative process in season two.

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