Watch Psy and Suga from BTS ‘That That’ Music Video

Gangnam stylePaved the way for the emergence of K-pop – and now Pssed He’s tapping the best K-star today: BTS’ longing. On Friday, Psy released his single “That That” from his aptly named new album, 9 Psy. The record, also released on Friday, is Psy’s first full record since 2017 Psy 8th 4X2 = 8.

The video for “That That” features Suga, who also produced the K-pop Hitmaker record. Swinging cowboy outfits, the two are seen dancing in a saloon and in a car to catchy tunes.

Psy opened up about how she worked with the boy band rapper in a video called “Best Friends 16 Years Away.” “When meeting young artists, I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to be someone who is difficult to get close to. My little one has been in the field, but he also feels like a really friend,” Psy . said. “It was hard to feel any age gap. If he thinks I am a best friend, that is great for me.”

Suga also shared how working with Psy was on the right track. “At first, because he is many years older than me and a very respected person at work, I was very nervous. It felt like I was working with a childhood friend, which made the songwriting process more fun,” Suga said. “

As the collaboration process continued, Suga and Sai built a personal connection he wasn’t expecting. “To be honest, I haven’t been close to anyone I collaborate with. That is because I am not the type to meet and collaborate face to face,” Suga He said in a separate video. “But he wanted to see me in person. During production, we would go back and forth a lot. I seriously wasn’t expecting to dance with Psy. I thought I was just writing the song!”

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“That That” is one of 12 tracks running 9 Psy, which also includes the tracks “Haber” featuring Crash, “Forever” with Tablo, and “Everyday.” Psy parodied That That for several days before the song debuted, sharing images from the music video and a photo of a cartoon version of himself in the desert.

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