Watch Eddie Monson actor Joseph Quinn rehearse Master Of Puppets for the iconic Stranger Things scene

Video from Weird things Actor Joseph Quinn rehearses what could become one of the most pivotal moments of the show’s final season — as well as one of the most viral heavy metal moments television has ever produced.

In the Weird things Season 4, Quinn’s character, eccentric but misunderstood metalhead Eddie Monson, plays Metallica a path puppet master To help save his friends from an attack by VicnaForces of Evil (if this sentence still confuses you at this point, where have you been?!). There has been a lot of speculation about whether Quinn actually played any of the song himself, with it recently confirmed. Tae, son of Metallica guitarist Rob Trujillo, is involved in puppet master It is used in the show (as was Rob’s bandmate, guitarist Kirk Hammett).

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