Washington Post: Jeff Bezos Under Fire; The newly named Washington Post editor decided not to take the job

Amid heavy backlash, Robert Winnett, who had been selected as editor of The Washington Post, decided not to accept the job and remain at The Daily Telegraph. The decision follows reports raising concerns about his involvement in unethical newsgathering practices in Britain. Winnett, currently deputy editor of The Daily Telegraph, will not take up his new role as planned, as confirmed by communications to staff at both newspapers.

“I am saddened to share that Robert Winnett has stepped down as editor of The Washington Post,” Will Lewis, publisher and chief executive of The Post, told staff in a Friday morning memo.

Winnett, known for his avid pursuit of scoops that has earned him the nickname “Rat Boy,” has recently questioned his suitability for the role. Both The New York Times and The Washington Post highlighted his dealings with a private investigator who used unethical methods to gather information. The association alerted several journalists at The Washington Post, who privately expressed concern about his candidacy.

Winnett was expected to take over as editor of the Post following the US presidential election in November. Matt Murray, former editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal, will replace Sally Busby in an interim capacity during this period. Winnett’s decision to step aside is a significant setback for Will Lewis, who brought in Winnett and partially overhauled the Post’s editorial structure. Buzbee resigned amid these changes, which would have significantly reduced his role.

The uproar comes after Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos has been criticized for keeping quiet about the upheaval at the newspaper.

The outlet’s new publisher, Will Lewis, has also come on the radar regarding ethical integrity. “Staff at The Post are losing patience with Bezos, whose only response to the Louis disaster so far has been to send a measly, 138-word single-paragraph memo to a handful of leaders from his Mediterranean yacht vacation. Post, The Post staff say standards remain ‘too high’ “That’s a shared goal they fear that Lewis will jeopardize,” CNN reported.

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