US says Russia is not serious about allowing Ukraine to export grain

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The United States is highly suspicious of Russia’s intentions in negotiations to allow Ukraine to resume its food exports through the Black Sea, given the Russian military’s frequent targeting of such food supplies.

The United Nations is trying to negotiate a deal with Russia to allow Ukraine a major export, which is grain. The loss of exports from the country has exacerbated food shortages in some regions of the world.

US officials said that Russian President Vladimir Putin staged such disruptions on purpose, citing frequent targeting of such supplies, Politico reported Sunday.

“It’s hard to view Russian offers in good faith given how actively and deliberately they destroy food products in Ukraine and exacerbate global food insecurity,” a US official told Politico.

Ukraine claims that it retakes part of the eastern city of Severodonetsk from Russia

A tractor operated in Ukraine, which together with Russia accounted for 30% of the world’s grain exports before the war.
(United Nations World Food Programme)

Russia is currently imposing a blockade on the Ukrainian port of Odessa which has caused the accumulation of about 20 million tons of grain.

Ukraine’s funding bill: 11 Republican senators split from party leadership, opposing $40 billion in aid

The negotiations come as it appears that Putin has ordered an escalation of the war on Ukraine Missiles hit the capital Kyiv For the first time in over a month on Sunday.

Putin threatened to strike new targets after the United States delivered advanced missile systems in the latest military aid package to Ukraine last week.

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President Joe Biden agreed to add 700 million dollars in military aid To Ukraine last week.


The package included everything from missile systems to vehicle parts and other equipment. Most notable were mobile artillery missile systems, and The weapons mentioned by Putin As an escalation by the United States

The package is only added to Current $4.6 billion in security assistance The United States has already given Ukraine under President Biden alone.

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