Ukrainian soldier says killing Russians is like sport

  • A Ukrainian soldier in a liberated town said killing Russian troops “is like sport now”.
  • Volodymyr Demchenko described what it’s like to kill Russian troops during an interview with CNN.
  • “It’s a very strange feeling to be honest, but it’s like a sport now,” Demchenko said.

Ukrainian soldier in a small town liberated after weeks of Russian occupation In the midst of the Kremlin’s war with Ukraine He said killing Russian troops “is like sport now.”

Soldier Volodymyr Demchenko described the killing of Russian troops During a recent interview with CNN In Novyi Bykiv, a town in the Chernihiv region about 50 miles east of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

CNN reported that Demchenko was part of the drone team that successfully helped retake Novi Bekev from Russian forces.

“You know, it’s funny to see… It’s not funny to see it, it’s actually really weird when you see people getting killed and you’re like, ‘Yeah! Demchenko told CNN, raising his arms in the air.

“It feels very strange to be honest, but it’s like sports now, I don’t know,” he added.

“They don’t come to us with flowers,” Demchenko told CNN, referring to the Russian troops.

Although Novi Bekev was liberated, the town still suffered from the destruction and losses incurred amid its occupation by Russian forces.

Demchenko told CNN that his house was hit by Russian strikes, but that he spared his life because he was outside at the time of the attack.

The soldier pointed to the place where the Russian troops were killed when Erin Burnett showed on CNN about the village.

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“There was a shoe here and there was another with a leg,” Demchenko said. “There were no corpses, they were just pieces of corpses.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched Moscow’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine on February 24, and the war has been going on ever since It left thousands dead on both sides, Including many Ukrainian civilians.

In recent weeks, Russia focused their attacks In Ukraine in the eastern Donbass region after Russian forces failed to take Kyiv and other major cities.

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