Truck convoy spins around Washington DC against Govt controls | Washington DC

A long line of large half-limbed trucks, recreational vehicles and cars circled. Washington DCOn Sunday, protesting drivers promised a week of traffic disruption around the U.S. capital in preparation for what was promised, aligning around a loose collection of demands including an end to all corona virus-related restrictions.

From its makeshift site at a speedway racing site in Hagerstown, 80 miles northwest of Maryland, organizers of the “People’s Conway” with about 1,000 vehicles say they plan to welcome the new work week by slowing down around Washington. In an attempt to convey their message to national politicians, at the minimum legal speed on the already infamous-crisis Beltway or Ring Road.

A convoy of convoy, trucker struggles disrupted Ottawa in the north, disrupting Canadian transport arteries to the United States, which convened in California last week.

As it headed east, it similarly took mobile, ideologically aligned, fellow travelers along the way.

But the United States is already rapidly freeing its citizens from the clutches of epidemic controls and Govt orders because the most recent outbreak of epidemics in many states is declining and officials and the public are beginning to talk about the declining epidemic.

Changing circumstances are now prompting convoy organizers to turn their demands into an independent basket of aspirations and intentions.

Some participants said the target was reason enough to trek. At Speedway on Friday night, a participant who described himself as a leading trucker told a crowd cheering that he was driving his truck in the center of the US capital.

But Washington D.C. It is unclear whether the convoy planned to drive into the occupied small area or to murmur large numbers of government employees and lawmakers on the Beltway Road morning and evening across the states adjacent to the District of Columbia. Their offices run the state affairs of the country.

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Focuses on US law enforcement agencies. Previous mobile struggle to stop tires [denoting the US spelling of tyres] The “Stop the Steel” demonstration was in support of Donald Trump’s false claim that he was fraudulently denied victory in the November 2020 election.

It became part of the January 6 uprising in the US capital by extremist supporters of then-Republican leader Trump to replace Joe Biden’s official certificate of presidential victory.

“If Trump were no longer president, I would have decided to create a Facebook page where my friends and I would gather to discuss policies to be implemented,” said Jeremy Revolt, founder of StoptheTires2020. Trucker Released in November 2020.

At the Speedway site, drivers were told that their frustration would include workplace vaccination orders and other infectious activities. Meeting They raised slogans against Biden and expressed support for Trump.

The crowd looked like a Trump rally, with a giant American flag hanging between cranes attached to the beds of semi-joint trucks.

Many vehicles had license plates from all over the United States; Several drivers were blowing their horns, which led Ottawa residents to distraction and the Ontario High Court imposed a 10-day ban on honking the horn.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is coordinating with local officials as the convoy prepares to arrive, warning that truckers could disrupt emergency services.

At their Hagerstown meeting point, 1,000 protesters gathered Sunday to hear details of the plan. A pastor started a prayer service calling them “heroes,” asking organizer Brian Brace for truckers to drive 45 to 55 miles an hour and to line up on the roads leading to and around Washington. In order to better show the size of the convoy.

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They greeted the morning coffees before leaving for the capital. The Washington Post reported.

Brace said drivers plan to circle the Capitol’s ring road twice on Sunday and repeat that pattern in the coming days. “We do not want to shut down DC,” Brace told the Associated Press.

“We are not against the Voxsexes. We are not. We just want freedom, we want freedom. We only want choice. So tomorrow is basically a show of how big we are, how serious we are. It is not clear how long the protest series will last. Brace added.

But he often told white, middle-aged male drivers to celebrate the distance they had traveled, without instructions on what to do or what the destination would be.

On Sunday the truckers had to circle without a target or rejection, until further notice.

Above the sound of the horns, Brace described the situation as “very fluid.”

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