Tropical Storm Nalke: Peng kills 45 in Philippines


Tropical Storm Nalgay has killed at least 45 people and injured dozens more in the Philippines, the country’s disaster agency said on Saturday.

14 others are missing StormLocally known as Paeng, Friday’s landfall had sustained winds of 75 kilometers per hour (46 mph).

The National Council for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management initially reported 72 deaths. According to state media, the group blamed an “excessive number” of local authorities for the initial count.

Provinces and cities in the south have been hit hard by the storm. A “state of calamity” has been declared in the city of Cotabato on the island of Mindanao, where about 67,000 residents have been affected by the storm.

The nearby town of Upi, population 60,000, has been inundated, the disaster council said – forcing thousands to higher ground.

In total, about 185,000 people were affected by the storm nationwide, with more than 8,000 people temporarily homeless, officials said.

Photos and videos of search and rescue efforts showed bodies being pulled from water, thick mud and residents trapped on rooftops.

The storm is expected to hit the capital Manila and nearby provinces over the weekend, state weather officials say, as Nalgae cuts off the main island of Luzon and heads into the South China Sea.

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