Trey Walker rises from the leaders

After hours of training Washington leaders Ron Rivera Linebacker Trey Walker announced suddenly decided to retire On Friday, the rookie changed his mind and was sent back to the team, according to a person familiar with the situation.

Walker, a discredited player from the University of Idaho, did not attend training on Friday due to his short retirement. The decision was a surprise and a blow to the team’s defense team, which was already weak after losing an unpolished junior teammate. White’s face for an anterior cruciate ligament injury.

“He said it’s something he’s been thinking about and there are a few things he wants to get back to,” Rivera said of Walker on Friday morning. “So, he decided it was time to move on. … He is a guy we had some hopes for, but unfortunately he decided it was time to move on. We want to wish him all the best.”

But later that day, Walker decided otherwise and spoke to Rivera about returning, according to the person reported on the matter, who spoke anonymously to discuss the situation freely. Friday’s NFL Transactions Report included him in the Leaders Reserve/Retired List. But the team reserves the rights for the remainder of his contract until he can bring him back.

Walker’s return was likely a welcome development, given Washington’s depth at the linebacker. Rivera said Friday morning that in Walker’s absence, the team will likely have to consider adding another player to the competition room. Behind centre-back Cole Holcomb, the team has Selection of former first rounder Jamin DavisDavid Mayo Veteran and Young Reserves at Khaliki Hudson, Price Nutter, Dijon Harris, Milo Effler.

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But with Walker, who was expected to train Saturday night at FedEx Stadium with the rest of the squad, the leaders’ defense is reclaiming another promising player.

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