Treasury yields decline after fed minutes

As investors digested the minutes of the recent Federal Reserve meeting, US Treasury yields were largely equal to Thursday.

Yield on the scale 10 year treasury note Decreased to 2.74%. Yield on 30 year treasury bond 1 base point rose to 2.974%. The yield moves in the opposite direction to the price, and 1 basis point equals 0.01%.

Published by the Central Bank Minutes Since its May meeting on Wednesday afternoon, the central bank has indicated that it is prepared to raise several 50-point-point interest rates, which will go further than the market expected.

The Federal Open Market Committee also said that the central bank could move beyond its “neutral” policy position to “restricted” territory.

Yogi Diwan, CEO and founder of Hacium Asset Management, told CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe on Thursday that the Fed minutes were “far less hawks than the market expected and we have always seen Fed rate hikes exceed expectations”.

For this reason, he said his company expects a lower rate increase as economic growth slows, but “the problem is, you do not yet have the economic data to justify it. [in terms of how] It will be released in the next three to six months. “

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