Travis Kelce gives Taylor Swift a shout out for his best-selling t-shirt

No. 6: It is family oriented

Taylor is close to her parents, especially her mother AndreaTravis comes from a close-knit family, including his parents Mr. Dr And Donna Kelsey.

Donna became a beloved public figure when she became the first mother to have two sons play against each other in the Super Bowl, when Travis faced off against his older brother, the Philadelphia Eagles center. Jason Kelsey In the big match last February.

“For all the stars to come together and go through high school and college and the pros. And to play in the Pro Bowl and play in the Super Bowl and then have this happen,” Donna told ET. on time. “This is like a dream come true. I can’t express enough how much this means to the family and it’s just crazy.”

For the big game, Donna, who was married to Ed for 25 years before their divorce, supported her sons by wearing a half-black, half-red Eagles and Chiefs jacket.

After the Super Bowl, which saw the Chiefs beat the Eagles, Travis and Jason became emotional while thinking about sharing the experience with Donna.

“The moment I saw my mom was the moment I felt really emotional,” Jason said on The Brothers Show. new Horizons Podcast. “It was so amazing…she was on top of the world for a week.”

“She was the heavyweight champion,” Travis added. “She was above it, shining all the time.”

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